Power Makeup Elements for Your Big Day


A lot of work and effort goes into deciding the perfect makeup look for the day of your wedlock. You really have one shot to do it all. You want to make your best impression but also do not want to look like a clown. If the confusion does not settle, we have some pretty suggestions for your sweet face that are undoubtedly the biggest and most reliable trends of these days. Let us have a look at all the makeup elements that you can pick to wear for your day –

  1. Nudes and Dews
Add a touch of pink to your bridal look.

This year has seen numerous brides with minimal makeup for their wedding ceremonies. It is a beautiful way to show off your real skin and natural happy flow. Ditch dark colors for your eyes and heavy blushes for your cheeks, and rather choose to do a nude or dewy makeup look. There is only a slight difference between both of these. Nude look involves shades of brown to complement the Indian skin tones. The eyes and lips, both are covered with neutral and muted tones. Whereas with the dewy look, a flush of pink is added to your makeup to make it look more blushy. The glow that you get straight out of the sun, or after seeing your love is what a dewy look gives.

  1. Luminous Finish
Glow through your soul using the luminous makeup look.

Want the Sun to bounce back its rays over your face? A luminous look is your pick of the day. This trend usually runs in Western weddings where jewelry and couture go a little on the subtle side, unlike the Indian get-up. Do not worry, you can also inculcate this trend without any hassle. For the luminous look, a bright base is set up on the face, with maximum use of a highlighter mixed with the foundation, or an illuminating cream. So rather than the shine settling only on the higher points of your skin, it falls on the whole of your face. Choose this look if you are opting for an outdoor location as going for closed spaces could make your face too bright for the clicks.

  1. Smoked Kohl
Deepika’s smokey kohl look.

After a long while, kajal or kohl has made its way back into the game and we are too excited for it. This time it is being used for an even more scintillating look. Rather than using dark eye shadows to create a smokey look on your lids, makeup artists are replacing it with kajal and smudging it to the best potential to attain what’s called the smoked kohl look. Ladies wanting their eyes to do the talking, should really pick this trend and make it an element of your nuptial look to make your man go all crazy.

  1. Fuller Brows
Go bold with fuller brows.

This is a new edition to the world of makeup. Fuller brows have been gaining popularity, thanks to the edgy and bold look it creates. It is perfect for any day makeup and really works for the wedding look too. Forget about getting thinner brows that undermine the power of your forehead and choose to gel up the lengths and shape them naturally.

  1. Highlighter Game
Totally love the impact a highlighter creates.

A subtle version of the luminous look is to use your highlighter to the best potential. There are various ways to rock it, but only a few would actually complement the best of your face. First, create an inverted C shape from above your brows and take it below your under-eye. Blend the highlighter pretty well into your bones and temple area. Apply a little bit on the tip of your nose, and also your upper lip. A dot on your chin will also do the job. Complete the remaining makeup look as per your choice and do not forget to set the highlighter using a fixer. Wait for the glowy magic to happen now!

  1. Red Lip Comeback
A red lip never fails to work.

This one’s just an added tip, if you want to go for the overall makeup look that is perfectly alright. But if you are willing to add an X factor to your wedding look, blindfold yourself and choose to wear a red lip. Red never disappoints and pairing it up with the D-day look, it is truly a showstopper. Keep the rest of your face a bit muted and your lip bright to create a balanced bridal look.