Prachi Desai confesses her Beauty Mantras


Prachi Desai is an actress who has managed to mesmerize her fans from television to movies, from reel life to even real life. And in a quick chat with Wedding Affair, she confesses all her beauty indulgences and shares her secret skincare regimen.

“I have gotten used to a particular routine and I carry it out, till date. I cleanse my face using a soap-free cleanser suitable for my skin and avoid very cold or very hot water to wash my face. To clear the dead cells and impurities, I exfoliate once a week and I make sure, I use a product suitable for me.I start my day by taking face steam by holding steamy wash cloth up my face for a few minutes. Toning is another step I follow; I do it every night before moisturizing to close the pores of my skin and have a tighter and firmer look. Lastly, I moisturize every day. Before leaving my house, I use a basic SPF 15 sunscreen 15-20 minutes prior to stepping out in the sun. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is, have a glass of lukewarm water a teaspoonful honey and lime, this cleanses my stomach. I use a lot of natural products for my beauty regime; it’s a family beauty secret like using traditional curd and turmeric power face pack and sometimes tomato paste to remove tan as my skin is very sensitive to heat. Other than that, thrice a week, I use the fuller’s earth mixed with sandalwood and rose water to avoid pimples on my face during summers. I always have my perfume, my cleanser, kajal and a lip gloss in my bag. My skin is very sensitive so I usually use natural products. “

Products she swears by:

MAC Pressed Pigment, Chanel Rouge Double Intense Lip Colour and Perfume, Flora by Gucci

Take tips from the ever-charming Bollywood beauty and indulge in your beauty pleasures to maintain your beauty in a natural way.