Pre And Post Holi Haircare Tips By Advanced Hair Studio


Holi celebrations are all about colours, pichkaris, balloons and a walk down to memory lane. It is that time of the year when families get together; friends join in and with colours and delicacies, the festival kick-starts. Advanced Hair Studio shared 5 solutions to easy-peasy super-breezy hair care routine for the festival which will help you guard your hair against the damage.



The most popular, traditional and convenient way to reduce the damage caused by toxic colours is oiling your hair generously. It greases the hair strands and helps in removing the colours later as well. The oil puts a coating that shields and protects your hair from the chemicals and the harsh sun rays. It also avoids colour deposition on the scalp.

Cover Your Hair In Style

Wearing a bandana or scarf before stepping out will not only make you look cool but also act as a shield against harmful chemical based colours.

Hair- Wash

Although washing your hair post-Holi celebration is almost inevitable, it is more important to wash it the right way. Rinse your hair right away with plenty of water after the celebrations will ensure cleanliness of the scalp. Moreover, experts recommend rinsing hair with cold water over hot as the latter tends to solidify the colours, making them stick to the surface of your hair and scalp.

Heavy Conditioning

Conditioning your hair ensures that the scalp retains the moisture to avoid it from getting dry and brittle. It also helps restore moisture and natural oils that fight unwanted frizz our hair gets due to the exposure to harsh and harmful toxins present in the colour that is commonly used.

Hair- Mask

Treat your hair with a natural homemade hair mask which will help keep dryness and itchiness at bay; leaving the hair soft, voluminous and shiny. You can lightly massage your hair and scalp with egg yolk or yoghurt mixed with olive oil as it improves the ability of hair to absorb oil that adds a natural shine to the mane.

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