Prevent your relationship from getting toxic


Relationships are quite hard to maintain nowadays, right? Well, only the ones who’re deeply and happily in love cannot be related to this statement. But there is always a catch to make sure that your relationship isn’t getting toxic or too much to handle. There are certain aspects that you need to keep in mind in order to prevent your relationship from getting toxic, follow the pointers below for the same: 

Just don’t stretch it! 

Well, while we speak of relationships and love there are several people who tend to lose their emotional touch and their bond turns out to be a little toxic. And this is what you need to dodge, and how can one do that? First and foremost make sure not to stretch unnecessary arguments or petty issues. The key to a successful relationship is to move on and not stick to particular issues for long, as that might trouble your love life, and you might end up being toxic for each other. 

Do not overlook the “signs” 

Yes, we quoted “signs” here because a lot of you love birds out there tend to throw many signs and hints under the bus. In order to lead a lifelong and loving relationship, you need to accept certain situations and accept the vibe between the two of you. But if you’re sensing a certain pattern every once in a while or if you’re partner is a dominating or dismissive one then that my friend is your cue to leave. Make sure not to overlook such signs and consider them as red flags because addressing such issues is the only way to prevent toxicity in your relationship. 

Be truthful 

The truth will set you free. This is not just a saying as the happiest couples are those who share everything with each other. If you share something about yourself then you become vulnerable in a way and you’re completely open to that person. When anyone in the couple starts to lie then things get complicated and the relationship becomes toxic. When your partner is suspicious about you then things won't be easy and your partner will question everything about you. It may be tough at first but it is better to tell everything to your partner.

Physical connection is a must!

One important aspect of any relationship is that both people should be attracted to each other. If a partner feels a physical disconnect he/she will probably think that you’re not attracted to that person anymore. A long physical disconnect creates tension between the couple and makes them doubt their every decision. This makes the relationship tense and ultimately toxic. A strong physical connection is important for a happy and peaceful relationship.

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