Product Launch – Barista Express Impress by Breville

Product Launch - Barista Express Impress by Breville

Product Launch – Barista Express Impress by Breville: Breville has become a legendary global brand of kitchen appliances over the last 90 years. It has achieved great heights and also won an award for the best home coffee machine appliance. Breville delivers innovative appliances which make it stand out from every other kitchen appliance brand. It has come up with the latest innovation named the Barista Express Impress espresso machine.

Barista Express Impress Espresso Machine

This product is Breville’s most certainly top-selling home espresso machine. It is an automated machine that sets the precise tamp while it reduces the espresso grind mess. The machine comes in a stainless steel colour and has a capacity of 2

The features that make the machine unique from other are as follow:

  1. Smart Dosing: It automatically calculates and tunes the perfect level of fresh coffee.
  2. PID temperature control: It keeps the temperature and flow rate under control so that the coffee tastes great.
  3. 25 Grind Settings: It is used to precisely tune your size of grinding for the asked extraction and flavour.
  4. Microfoam Steam Wand: Its powerful manual system allows for handling the texture of Microfoam milk. It enhances the taste of the coffee.

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