Projector perfect weddings


projectors have taken the wedding world by storm, and they’re only expected to become even more popular. Whether you go for a beautiful fantasy wedding venue setting or broadcast your love story through photos and lights , the projector  lighting ideas will leave guests in awe everytime.

Not only does it send out your message it also a great way to keep the guest entertained . with this completely new and exciting technology you can transport your guests to any city or landscape in the world-without them ever leaving the room

Customise your environment 

Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on flowers that will get thrown away the next day, you can achieve a similar effect for less by projecting floral décor onto the wall. Project a high resolution image of onto blank walls to give the place an entirely easy makeover.

Visual love story 

couples can create a visual journey that no static wedding décor could ever achieve using these projector techniques.  Scenes can be changed instantaneously, unlike with traditional decorations. Once the projection mapping system is set up, guests can enjoy an entirely different theme with the push of a button.

Interactive projections 

 This bride has a trail of flowers that follow her as she walks down the aisle. Now we dunno what can be more magical than that .motion sensor cameras were trained to the aisle and programmed to trail flowers at the bride’s feet, adding a sense of mystery and wonder

Crowd-Pleasing Projector

The entire room setting can be changed with glitter walls for the bridal dance to multi coloured disco lights for the cocktail party. This will give your wedding a fantastic feel and make it one in the books for sure .you can even coordinate the theme of the wedding with these backdrop changing projections and your wedding cutlery to give yoir wedding a sophisticated look.