Pros and cons of astrology in marriages


Marriage matching is one of the most traditional concepts in India, and speaking of traditions have you ever tried to weigh some of the pros and cons of astrology in marriages? Well, if you haven’t then we have  a few of them listed below, have a look:


Ensures compatibility


Yes, it sure sounds old school, but while living in a country like India certain traditions especially in terms of marriage-matching do tend to take place. Speaking of a few pros of astrology, the first one to state would be the fact that it ensures compatibility. Marriage is not just about similar interests, instead one needs to be compatible with their significant other. Astrology has the capability to match your kundalis and makes sure that your stars are perfectly aligned with each other in order to ensure compatibility.

Keeps you in touch with traditions

India is all about customs and rituals, especially while we speak of marriages and astrology. The secede pro to be listed here would be the touch of traditions and faith. Astrology helps us in staying inclined and aligned towards certain rituals and traditions. Following the process of astrology and kundali matching, the biggest pro here is the fact that it connects us to our cultural heritage.


Superstitious thought process

Living in a world of advancements people do not often believe in marriages decided by traditions written on paper. So, speaking of the pros and cons of astrology in marriages, then in the list of cons the first one would be the birth of a superstitious thought process. Superstitions lead to several confusions and misunderstandings, so the millennials think of taking the decisions totally based on their feelings and not some superstitious calculations.

Offers no guarantee


Even though marriage is all bout love and support, but while we speak of some cons of astrology in the case of marriages then the next one on the list would be the fact that it offers no guarantee. There is no certified track of the kundalis being the perfect way to match your compatibility with your partner. There is no surety or guarantee of the end result.

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