Purity and Goodness Packed in a Bottle – Sant Aniol


Whenever you ask a celebrity to reveal their beauty and fitness secret, drinking lots of water is the answer. If CTM is the holy grail, water is the underdog of the beauty industry. But keeping in mind the pollution levels, one can’t help not sipping it enough. Sant Aniol is the one stop solution for all your aqua troubles.

Sant Aniol provides a range of quality mineral water free of contaminants and rich in calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate and sodium. It has a range of benefits like reducing hypertension, enabling proper functioning of the nervous system, promoting healing and development of bone structure, preventing formation of kidney stones, facilitating intestinal transit and promoting gastric digestion. making it the perfect choice for quenching the thirst of infants, sportspersons and elderly. Sant Aniol is the perfect blend of components that help in detoxifying the body by reducing the uric acid and cholesterol content in the body.

It comes in four different packagings:

Premium & Horeca: It’s stylish yet sober appearance will surely add grace to your dining area.

Pet: This variant is especially designed for use within the household.

Heroic-Glass: What goes around, comes around is the fundamental principle behind this product. Living up to its name, it is a true hero. It is recyclable and promotes sustainable development.

500 drops: This 250 ml bottle packs a punch, adding a midas touch to the pleasure of drinking a refined water rich in minerals.

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