Putting a stop to procrastination: Steps to follow 


How’s it going, procrastinators? Yea, that’s a silly question because the people who procrastinate can never be totally satisfied or happy, right? Well, as for this article we are here to explore a few ways that can help you get rid of your procrastinating state. Follow the steps below and you’ll see the change. 

Acknowledge it!


Procrastination is actually a troublesome state of mind that needs to be addressed and sorted as soon as possible. When we say addressing, the first step involves actually noticing the problem.  There are times when people tend to avoid this state and cover it with certain excuses like ‘we’re not in a mood to finish the task’ or ‘we’ll probably do it later. Unless you acknowledge that you’ve been procrastinating and avoiding your deadlines there is nothing much left to be done.

Guarantee yourself a reward 

Well, there are people who really need some bait in order to finish a particular task. If you are one of those people then the next step towards diminishing your procrastinated state is to offer yourself a reward after completion. Think of it this way, that once you’re done with the assigned work before the deadline then you will reward yourself with something that you like. Probably something you relish. 

Ask someone to keep a check

Is there someone in your friend circle or family who can be quite poky or nosey just to get their work done? Well, if yes then you might want to take some help from them. Having someone to keep a check on you will help you focus on the task and concentrate. Because this way you will know that there’s one guardian who’s constantly keeping a tab on your actions. 

Commit to the task


The most critical step is to demolish your state of procrastination. There are times when you intend to consider a task really important or sometimes not so important. So, if you are to stop procrastinating, then you can weigh all the tasks equally and focus on the deadline. Make sure that you concentrate to the core and finish the task in just one go. 

P.S.- It’s time to put a STOP to avoiding tasks and commit to your duties, because trust us, there is no better feeling than of seeing your completion at the end of the day.

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