Quick guide to get rid of dark circles before your big day


With hectic work circles to binge watching TV series we have all done the mistake long enough to make our under eyes the biggest concern for the beauty industry in recent days. Dark circles can dread the hell out of you, if it’s extensive and we all hope to get rid of them one way or another. This is even more annoying especially when you are the to-be bride and there’s only a little time left in your wedding. But common when it comes to a wedding you know that everything can be fixed right? We have a few rescue plan ideas for all the brides out there which you can incorporate to really get rid of those pesky resistant dark circles. 

So read on to find some easy-peasy tricks and remedies that’ll surely help you bid adieu to exhausted eyes.

Fix your diet

Half of the time your face react to simply what’s been put inside your body. So how you look has got a lot to do with what you eat. So if more junk than more pimples , so who are they concerned with eyes you ask? That’s simple: your eyes are tired from your everyday activity but are not getting the right nutrients due to your improper food consumption. And the best way to deal with it is eating clean. Incorporate more and more of citrus fruits and leafy veggies in your diet, not just to get that extra glow but to improve your blood circulation which basically helps the blood vessels around the eyes and gets rid of dark circles.

Eye mask 

Eye masks are a perfect solution for dull and droopy eyes. For all the brides-to-be, get glimmering and glinting eyes by incorporating an eye mask as per your dark circle concern.Thankfully, there are now a variety of masks made precisely to treat the damage done around the eye area. They are genuine and reliable solutions and are available in the form of under eye creams, gels and under-eye patches. A gel eye mask helps with fine lines, using a non sticky formula, while coffee induced sleeping masks can be used for getting rid of puffiness and lastly eye patches help get rid of dark circles by purifying the pores of your skin in that area

Home remedies 

It’s not really that necessary to completely deny home remedies when it comes to treating dark circles. But there are many DIY’s out there that could be harmful to the light tissues around your eyes. According to dermatologists, cucumbers and potatoes do in fact work but lemon is a huge no no slight exfoliator like lactic acid in curd can also be used under your eyes. Even moisturizing daily with aloe vera gel and coconut oil tends to improve the fine lines under the eyes. So it’s safe to say don’t give up on safe and useful home remedies. 

Clinical treatments 

Depending on the severity of your concerns or timing you have.left before the big day there are other quick ways to get rid of dark circles. A combination of chemical peels, resurfacing lasers, dermal fillers and PRP work wonders for dark circles. There are also other  treatments like micro-needling, mesotherapy, Q switched laser or injectables like under eye fillers and these  procedures are quite effective and can be tailored for you by a dermatologist.