Quintessential Earrings Every Girl Should Own


There are days when you just want to lay in bed, gorging on pizzas and M&Ms without feeling guilty for Netflix-ing all day long because maybe you’re tired and done with human interactions. And then there are days when you wake up feeling your most youthful self, ready to conquer the day with just the right outfit and look. 

Who doesn’t love a woman with a confident demeanour? Clearly everybody because well no-one ever gets bored of beauties being bossy. But if you’re wondering what possibly can be the secret recipe to it, then don’t worry, we’ll spill the beans. It’s all in your closet and vanity ladies. Yes, the perfect outfit with your make-up on fleek and accessorization on point, you are sure to checkmate any obstacle or bad day with an effortless smile. And when talking of accessories, earrings are like those besties who stay with you through thick and thin because they are those bounties of the fashion world that can never go wrong. No wonder why they have a number of Hindi songs solely dedicated to them. 

Need help in creating a full-proof trousseau of ‘must-have earrings’? Cause voila, you’ve landed on just the right spot as Wedding Affair brings to you a list of quintessential earrings every girl should own in order to rock any outfit any day.

1. Colossal Hoops 


Hoops can be considered an evergreen trend when it comes to earrings. It has transitioned in every era into something that speaks volumes about the prevailing fashion wind of that time and lately big, poppy hoops have taken the jewellery junkies by a storm. Big hoops add quirkiness and a factor of oomph all at the same time and it’s pretty easy to team with different styles of outfits and looks.

2. 90s Inspired Golden Earrings


90s have been surely bigger and better in the last decade than what it was actually in the 90s. The vintage-inspired fashion is bring brought back with a new face and every fashion connoisseur is simply drooling over the trend. And one such popular element of 90s these days is the golden earrings from the era. They look super chic and classy with formal attires.

3. Tassel Drop Earrings


Every girl has a little heart for anything boho and tassel earrings are just the right fit for this breezy, playful vibe. You can find a variety of designs in tassel earrings and you can turn up the fun quotient of any outfit. If you’re headed out for an easy Sunday brunch or day out with your friends, tasse it away.

4. Stone Danglers 


Stone danglers can prove to be the perfect pick for late evening dinner with your date or a gala night as they tend to accentuate the feminine features of your face and the sparkle of the stones will surely help you steal some hearts.

5. Jhumkas

There’s not a single Indian woman or girl on this planet that can live without a pair of silver junk jhumkas. Jhumkas can be your go-to for literally any outfit or look as they are the versatile all-rounder of this realm. Investing in a few pairs would neither burn holes in your pockets nor would they go out of style anytime soon.

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