Ranveer Singh on a roll to transform the fashion industry!!


There are several celebrities who might have a great impact on all of you in terms of fashion, but one thing assured that Ranveer Singh is by far the best one to take inspiration from. His candidness and his ability to break all the stereotypes in the world of fashion and moving forward with a quirky approach is what makes him one of a kind. Have a look at few style tips from our Gully Boy to take inspiration from.

Florals are for men too…

ranveer singh

There is probably no such trend that Ranveer might have missed out on, in fact, this power pact performer has the ability to transform the fashion industry not just for men but for women too. Speaking of some of the style tips and inspirations to take from him, well then the first one would be to break the monotony and introduce floral prints into mens wardrobe.

Ranveer Singh is always upfront and out loud in terms of his pastel or bright floral prints sherwani, tuxedos, and even casuals. So, if you guys have a little doubt about whether or not youll be able to pull off floral prints then you better think of this quirky actor and embrace fashion.

Loud is also fashion!


Who says that loud clothes and bright hues are not classy and that they do not classify as fashion? Well, who so ever says that its time for them to take a reality check from this versatile actor, Ranveer Singh.

Ranveer is all about wearing loud and bold choices in terms of fashion, he can pull of sparkling, bright colored or probably ultra printed clothes because he knows how to make every piece of clothing, fashion. From Gucci to Versace, this actor is all about prints and quirky appearances, so you should probably take some inspiration from the actor and break the stereotype of men cant wear bold hues”.

Old is always gold!

Well, now this is something that you all mightve understood by now, isnt it? And for those who havent let us tell you that Ranveer Singh is the epitome of reliving and reminiscing retro fashion styles. Who says that youre not supposed to repeat fashion? Because Ranveer Singh is all bout experimenting with her looks and infusing them with the current trends. He is a true emotion of embracing fashion styles and trends.

Adopt animal prints!

Be it, men or women, this man is probably a perfect fit for all the categories as hes all about inspiring people with his bold choices and with his gesture to initiate change. Ranveer Singh and his series and episodes of carrying and pulling off animal prints are all about creating a fashion statement and inspiring his fans to acknowledge the fact that animal prints are always classy and that you can never have enough of them.

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