Red Flags to Look Out for in your Bridal Make-Up Artist


Every bride wants to look her best on her big day. Many have been dreaming about their wedding and their perfect look since they were little girls. So, hiring a makeup artist is like getting one step closer to a dream.

A makeup artist is a person the bride should be able to trust. They are responsible for making you look your best, therefore it is necessary to appoint a makeup artist who is compatible with the bride’s needs and who makes sure that the bride is getting the best of the services and can help her in achieving her dream look.

Here are some of the red flags in the makeup artist which every bride should be on the lookout for while hiring them.

  1. They don’t have any testimonials or previous client data

While selecting the makeup artist, you need to look for testimonials given by the makeup artist’s clients, this will help in ensuring that they are authentic and have had previous experiences. If the artist is reluctant to share the testimonials or doesn’t have any in the first place, chances are that they could be inexperienced or lying to you about their skills.

  1. They are not willing to give you a pre-wedding makeup trial

Established and successful makeup artists always offer the bride a pre-wedding trial so as to finalize her look and give her a demo of their skills. This trial helps you in determining the makeup artist’s abilities and work ethic. If your makeup artist is not willing to give you a pre-wedding trial then it is a huge red flag that they won’t be able to do a good job and are not serious about your needs and approval.

Pre-wedding Make-up trial finalizes your wedding day look
  1. Their Portfolio is not diverse

If the makeup artist’s portfolio consists of only one type of skin color bride or a similar type of makeup on all the brides, then it is time for you to look for another makeup artist. Not having a diverse portfolio means that your makeup artist specializes only in one skin type or one look. This means that if you have a different skin tone or want a different makeup look, then they won’t be able to do justice to it and will probably mess up their job.

  1. They don’t ask any question

A good and skilled makeup artist will shower you with questions and details. They would want to know more about your choices and your needs. Their questions will be detailed and specific. So, if a makeup artist does not ask any questions regarding your skin type, skin issues, your makeup preference, or anything else then they are probably not so good at their job and will probably make a mistake while doing your makeup on your wedding day.

  1. They ask you to bring or use your personal makeup products

You are not only paying for the makeup artists’ skills but also for the professional-grade products which will last for a long period of time and will photograph well. Hence, if they ask you to bring your personal products, then it is a warning sign of their unprofessional behavior. No experienced and professional artist would ask to use your products. In fact, many good makeup artists provide the bride the lip gloss or lipstick they’ll use as a complimentary gift for later use.

A good makeup artist will always use professional-grade makeup
  1. The makeup artist does not have a detailed proposal

A good makeup artist will have a detailed proposal which will highlight all of the services they’ll provide to the bride and also their price. Vague proposals or spoken agreements are a sign of an unprofessional makeup artist.

  1. They criticize or shame any of your features

Sometimes, makeup artists have a habit of criticizing the bride’s features or something about her face. This is a huge red flag and you should immediately reject that makeup artist. Every bride is beautiful and she needs makeup to accentuate her features not hide them. A makeup artist should never be the one who lowers your self-esteem and makes you self-conscious.

A makeup artist has the power to make and break your entire bridal look. Thus, it is necessary to properly vet the makeup artist before hiring them for your big day. The above-mentioned red flags are the places where you should not compromise. These signs will help you in hiring the best makeup artist for you who will help you in looking your absolute best on your wedding day.

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