Redefine Traditional Fashion With AsoPalav


We as Indians love our traditional attires and are always ready to adorn one on any occasion that demands it. However, choosing an outfit that fits right on every body type and can look right for any occasion can be a daunting task. Well, if you have ever been in the same dilemma, worry no more. We have found a one-stop shop for all your traditional attire needs. The Gujarat based brand, AsoPalav happens to be one of the country’s best brands for ethnic wear. The brand offers a wide variety of ethnic wear ranging from wedding wear, ethnic party attires, evening gowns and daily ethnic wear. From classic to trendy, AsoPalav has managed to ace all kinds of ethnic wear requirements for the last forty-one years. They house a collection of about fifty different brands that cater to every type of body type and boasts of many different styles under one roof.

One of their latest and most famous labels is ‘Kallidorah’ which is an exclusive designer label that promises a perfect blend of latest fashion and trends with rich traditional and ethnic elements which are used in making royal capes, a vast array of panelled lehengas, drapes in floor-sweeping styles, textured weaves, cholis in colourful hues by the best craftsmen in the country..This latest label by AsoPalav gets its name from Kallis i.e. panels and Dorah i.e. the enchanting threads and colourful lehenga ties – both of which are an integral part of the creation process of gloriously rich Indian ensembles. Kallidorah includes premium-wear, designer wedding-wear label introduced for clients looking for gorgeously rich bridal and wedding ensembles that are a class apart.

The next time you need to figure out any kind of ethnic wear, be it a wedding, a Diwali party or an ethnic day at work you know exactly where to go. AsoPalav is sure to get all your traditional wear needs covered without compromising on quality. Make sure to check out their website to take an exclusive look at their extremely fashionable yet traditional designers that are sure to cater to all your ethnic wear needs.

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