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Shiv Fruit Mart - Wedding Affair

It takes skill to transform something as basic as fruit into a delicacy. Shiv Fruit Mart is a well-known fruit caterer with excellent fruit catering service, which has spent more than 40 years specializing in serving fruits at weddings. They are a top leading fruit service supplier in the entire nation, owing to their years of experience, which is reflected in their work.

Decades Of Wedding Fruit Catering

The second and third generations of the Bhasin brothers founded Shiv Fruit Mart in 1975 and they have their fruit catering business in Delhi and the National Capital Region. They came from a long line of fruit caterers; in the 1940s, their forefathers ran a retail store at the Bengali market, and as time went on, they grew into India’s big fat wedding industry.

Fruit Catering - Shiv Fruit MartShiv Fruit Shop has established itself as the top option for fruit catering at weddings due to the services they offer and its vision of turning fruits into artistic creations. The fruit and food industries are evolving quickly, and there is fierce competition for imports and exports, which keeps the catering business on its toes. The company makes sure that while organizing weddings for its clients using new trends and adjusting to their needs, the company satisfy all.


These fruit caterers provide first-rate services and will elevate your reputation as a host in the eyes of your wedding guests. With more than 80 years of expertise in the industry, they specialize in providing the finest premium quality Indian fruits as well as a variety of imported fruits and turning your wedding into an event that your guests will remember. Also, they provide scrumptious fruit counters and imaginative fruit platters so you can indulge and sate your taste buds. Here are a few of the services Shiv Fruit Mart provides that distinguish them from other fruit caterers that are already active in the market.

Live Fruit Creams

Live Fruit CreamsTheir live fruit cream counter can be used in place of the standard ice cream stand at weddings to add a little bit of fun. In addition to being the ideal service for summer weddings, it also appeals to foodies, making it Instagram-worthy.

Thailand Style Fruit Cart

Thailand Style Fruit MartThailand Fruit Cart is one of the many cuisine fads we see all day long when scrolling and watching reels, but we never actually get a chance to try them. With this service, you and your guests can eat freshly seasoned exotic fruits, giving your wedding more energy and colour.  

Sun Dried Station

Sun Dried StationEveryone like the crunch or, occasionally, the addition of a little chewiness to their fruit bowls, which adds more texture and flavor.

Grilled Fruit Station

Grilled Fruit StationIt is impossible to imagine a healthier or sweeter appetizer. Say “fruit-licious” to the juiciness, warmth, and soft-grilling of fruits and sate your sweet taste.

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