Remedies to rule out hangover symptoms


Partying all night sure sounds like some ultimate fun, but what about the morning after that? There are people who tend to experience the worst hangovers ever. So, here we have a list of a few remedies and tips to follow while dealing with a hangover.

King-sized (healthy) breakfast


Have you partied quite hard the last night and facing the consequences until this hour? Well, then you, my friend are in a fix called a hangover. But don’t worry it’s curable and the first tip into curing your hangover is to have a king-sized breakfast. Yes, we know that you guys might not feel like eating anything, but you have to!! Having a good and healthy breakfast like that of fruits, some juices or something like cereals. This way you’ll feel a little better and your hangover phase might go away.

Power naps are a must

Well, once you’re drunk you sure do get a good night’s sleep, but the next morning your head feels like it’s thumping, right? And that’s a hangover, my friend and one way to treat that hangover of yours is to take power naps at regular intervals. Avoiding medicines and taking getting a good nap sure will help you deal with that headache of yours.

Home remedies (stay hydrated!)


Be it a hangover or any other issues I’m sure that we all have some patent remedies of our own, right?  So, the third tip for dealing with your hangover state is to try and make some hangover smoothies for yourself. For starters, you can try and make some lemonade for yourself, make coffee, or some strong tea to cure that headache. Or else you can also try some basic green tea and coconut water, try any of these techniques because the ultimate key is to stay hydrated.

Eat before you Drink (pro tip)

Well, now this one’s a pro tip that if you want to avoid a hangover all together then we would suggest you eat plenty of food before your night starts and before you get all drunk and drowned. Eating beforehand will prevent any major hangover symptoms and it’ll also help you stay fit even the next morning.

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