Remove your makeup the right way with these tips


Now, if you are removing your products, are you removing all of it?  Watch out for the edges of your lids which can have product build-up and cause irritation. Avoid vigorously rubbing your eye area since it is one of the most sensitive parts of your face and needs to be dealt with delicately. Don’t rub or tug too hard or you will not just irritate your skin but also cause wrinkles in the long run. Also remember, just using a plain jane face cleanser is not going to work to remove everything off your face. In fact, it may not get rid of the stubborn makeup entirely.

Make sure you are not committing these mistakes while removing everything off your face and cleansing your skin. Using an effective and gentle cleanser and  remover can be a game-changer for this skincare ritual. But there are so many products out there and it can be overwhelming to make the right choice. Deciding which makeup remover works best for you is key to having great skin. Wedding Affair brings to you some effective ways to remove your makeup.

Cleansing oil

Featuring an oil base, these makeup removers are perfect to dissolve stubborn stains, impurities and excess oil with maintaining the skin’s natural moisture balance.

Cleansing liquid makeup remover

The cleansing liquids are great for effortlessly removing even waterproof makeup with nourishing and hydrating skin. The serum-like texture helps soothe the skin and hydrates it well without leaving any greasy or sticky residue after use.

Makeup remover wipes

For a super quick and convenient way to remove your makeup, you can always use makeup remover wipes. We highly recommend cotton facial sheets because they release the liquid that dissolves and takes out the makeup while being gentle on the skin.

Foam wash makeup remover

Want to cut down the double cleansing step with just one wash. Then choose a grime remover foam wash that gently lifts away from all makeup and leftover residue with just a couple of pumps and helps you say goodbye to the tightness.

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