Resolutions for a healthy relationship in 2017



They say “there is always one person who loves more in a relationship” and unfortunately he/she goes through the worst. Companionship is effortlessly based on understanding and trust. If these two lose their presence, love seems to fade away with a span of time and the two of you are left with an unhappy, unsatisfied, distressed and problematic relationship. People tend to confuse their priorities and commitments towards their work and relationship. It should not be the case where only one person sacrifices and compromises, the other one should definitely contribute it in the same manner and things should be equally divided between the two of you.


Trust plays the most vital role in any relationship, whether it’s a father-daughter equation, mother-son relation, friends or be it a relationship between a boy and a girl, trust gives the reliance of being trust able and increases the dependency graph as an effect of strong trust and bond built between the two.  They say “trust is like a mirror” once broken, can never mend into its proper place. Betrayal in any form and in any relation acts as a curse and once the curse starts working, relationships never work. It is important to be honest to your partner and make him/her understand the value of your priorities.


Understanding is the key to success. Arrange marriages are only based on understanding between the two. If you have good equation with your partner/beloved, half of the problems are solved. Creating unbreakable equation of understanding is very important for a healthy relationship. ‘Understanding’ acts as a strong wall between you both and all the evil things that want to harm your relationship. Its vital to know each other from within and be positive towards one another. Be understanding and calm, try to resolve problems together which will increase your quotient of understanding.


We understand that being with your partner or talking to them for the entire day becomes hectic and problematic but they say “quantity should never be taken into consideration but the quality should matter” Talk to your guy/girl. Be precise and you may not talk to her/him for long hours but whatever time you take out, make sure it is full of love, care, warmth and your will to be with him/her for the rest of your life. Give your beloved an assurance that you are all her/his and want to grow old with them. Prioritise your time and people in your circle and give your precious time to the most important people of your life.