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From audacious red lips to negative space liner and face gems, the new beauty looks of the generation reminisce of classic rock and glitzy disco balls. Current beauty trends are heavily influenced by the radical fashion and beauty looks from the ‘hippie’ and ‘yuppie’ dressing cultures from the ‘70s and ‘80s respectively. The trending make-up looks have borrowed from each of the retro lifestyles (and also from the ‘90s). The rock and roll culture of the ‘60s was replete with cool tones of eye shadows, soft peachy blushes and bold, heavily coated lashes. The hippie counterculture of the ‘70s raged with shimmer eyeshadows, blunt bangs and vinyl red lips. The materialism induced ‘Logomania’ in the ‘80s. Then came the ‘90s of bold red lipsticks, nude make-up and defined eyebrows. The confluence of these looks forms the eventual beauty look of the 21st-century people.

Leading the path away for more space for creativity and individuality, another decade nears an end with 2020. The millennials are the biggest consumers of the current experimental makeup trend owing to the departing decade of Instagram mania. The preceding years bowed down to a roar of Instagram dominated style sheets and trends; hence the influencer culture. Come 2020, you are sure to see a gush of a number of beauty trends predicted here.

Sparkly Eyes


Metallic eyes had been ‘the look’ for the ‘70s disco fashion. Cher picked up this trend and perched it on the top of the trend game. David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust looks featured heavy metallic eye shadow at a variety of instances. Now, the year 2020 is brimming with a variety of beauty looks that basically concentrate around sparkly eyes. As also indicated in the latest runway shows by the biggest global labels for the Spring/Summer 2020. A slight swipe on the lower eyelids or a heavy coat on the upper eyelids — glitter is present in today’s trends, all over. Fendi’s Spring 2020 Ready-To-Wear collection featured glitter beneath the waterline. A little smudged with kohl, the lower lids made the models dazzle on the retro runways with flawlessness. At the Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2020 runway, the models’ upper lids were pressed with transparent sequins to create a natural lustre over the eyes, aided by a hint of pastel colour beneath. Hence, travelling all the way from the ‘70s, lustrous eyes are back in action and are here to delight you till the end of the decade and further.

Face Gems

Winky Lux

Gwen Stefani’s public appearances gave a fillip to the trend of decorating the face with gems and rhinestones in the ‘90s, years after it was a thing in the ‘70s. Stefani accentuated her image of being that ‘style chameleon’ in that era when grunge fashion used to be a thing. Her fashion looks catered to her punk rock style. When she bagged the latest People’s Choice Fashion Icon 2019 Award, it only annexed to her testimonial of authority in fashion. Although, Stefani doesn’t craft her beauty looks with rhinestones now; but 2019 found the vintage Stefani in Maddy (Alexa Demi). The ‘Euphoria’ star’s retro makeup in the show heavily resorted on rhinestones to achieve that futuristic (yet vintage) look. Call it more of a Gen-Z trend than a millennial one. Maddy’s particularly popular rhinestone look from ‘Euphoria’ was also homage to ‘70s bold style donned by Iris (Jodie Foster) in ‘Taxi Driver’. Retro-inspired disco looks are the new cool of the age.

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