Ring in the new year with some sparkly nail art


Nail art is like the icing on the cake. It ties your look together and adds the perfect touch of glam for the ultimate party look. If you’re all about a good theme or just love nail art in general, your options are endless go with glitter, shimmer, holographic, nude, metaliv, and sparkly vibes.Start off the year strong with a stylish manicure that warrants a night full of compliments to your hands.

This past year saw a range of trendy colours for nail manicures, from ridiculously easy ready-to-wear press-on nails to sparkly hues, there’s no shortage of holiday-ready options to decorate your nails to ring in the new year. To help get you in the spirit for the upcoming holiday, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite polishes and nail art decor ideas that are trending to help you get the nail look of your holiday dreams

Hot pink shimmer 

This is what you call grown-up glitter. Jazz up a nude or hot pink  color with sparkles of gold, silver or champagne galore to make your nails pop with your new year outfit.

Metallic Blue

Rock out this year with intergalactic, blue chrome nails. You can alternate or skip the colour in one or two alternate nails for a quirky look. Light-reflecting and eye-catching blue is always a good New Year vibe.

Gold and black 

Be it a Lover of neutral gold or sparkly nails when combined with black we got a winner. You will appreciate this  sparkly champagne gold  glitter polish that adds something extra to any black.or sequin dress for the party season.

Rainbow sparkles 

Folks who prefer intense shine without the full-on 3-D effect may like this iridescent rainbow sparkle. Bring back the 2000s with just a few swipes if the nail colour at the right angles, the glitter will look like it’s actually popping off of your nails.

90s Nostalgia

While we may have outgrown a few pop culture references from the 90s , we can still show our love for that time with trendy party ready nails. Try a few of these fun, colorful designs out with any outfit and join the group that loves new year parties  as much as you do.

Black disco nails 

If you’re ready to look like a disco ball, we gotchu! If you have the time to do it by hand, just paint your tips or the whole nail black, then take some rainbow glitter and gently dot a few sparkles on the black part before painting a top coat over. 

Silver style 

This silver nail look definitely gives us huge new year’s eve energy. Play around with this trend by picking up a silver nail polish and silver nail glitter. And to get that crisp line? Lay a strip of nail tape under the tip of your nail before swiping on the silver and finally the top coat