Romantic proposal ideas


Rooftop proposal

You can either pick a rooftop of a good place, hire a restaurant rooftop or be lucky enough to have a rooftop with a view. Go on one knee with a personally picked ring to seal the deal with a view so she feels like you are giving her the world.Beautiful, intimate and perfect.

Writing proposal

You can hire a proposal display, billboard or have your close family and friends spell it out. A big marry me display will  make the moment extra special. Hire a florist and  add some candles to the mix, and it will be the most romantic, Instagram-worthy proposal you’ve ever seen.

Pet display

For couples with pets ,it’s really cute to involve your furry baby and you ask your partner to become family.Get a customized dog tag that has the big question engraved on it, a head band with the letter marry me or opt for a bandana. There is sure to be an aww moment.

Back to the past

Choosing a place which is special to both of you makes it an extra special proposal. Where you first met, had your first kiss, or the first place you said ‘I love you,’”is a perfect spot to remember the journey you both have had all the way to this magical moment.

Romantic beach proposal

Trips to the beach can become your new favorite couples memory. What better way to propose than to spend a romantic day with your toes in the sand and the sound of waves crashing on the shore. Plus, the bright, shining sun will make that ring look extra sparkly!


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