Romantic Surprises for Your Lover


Treating our special someone with a surprise birthday gift is always on the top priority of our list. If your partner’s birthday is around the corner, then pull up socks and start seeking out ways to impress him/her. Birthdays are close to our hearts; they are intimate and special for our close ones, plus it is a lot of fun to make it a happening day. Here is a compilation of some romantic ideas that can make your lover’s birthday the best he/she has ever had:

A Surprise party on the Terrace


Surprise birthday party setups on the terrace have become super trendy these days. All you have to do is, arrange a terrace and transform it into a party theme by decorating it with fairy lights, balloons and drapes. Although you can do it yourself, contacting an event decorator to create an amazing setup could turn out to be your best decision. Invite your close friends and family to have the best time of your life with your lover.

Just the Two of You


Why not plan a surprise date on your beloved’s birthday? All you have to do is find out a perfect place where the two of you can relax and enjoy each other’s company. Although surprise dates are undoubtedly the best birthday surprise but make sure that the arrangement is done according to your needs. And, take your special one out on a surprise birthday date.

Surprise Birthday Party


You can twist this common birthday party idea and proceed to plan a fun birthday party with games like the treasure hunt, beer pong, musical chairs and similar kinds. Additionally, you can lay out a beautiful dinner buffet. Planning a birthday party would be easier if you take the help of someone!

How about a Movie Night?


You can arrange an intimate movie night for your loved one! The setting can be as romantic as you want it to be. You could either arrange it in your bedroom by decorating it with drapes and fairy lights, balloons and special snacks or go out with your partner. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is a big fan of movies, then this plan should be on the top of your list!

Hope you have loved these ideas and will throw a surprise birthday party to your loved one this year!