Romantic Weekend Getaway destinations near Delhi


Wouldn’t it feel amazing to take a break from the busy work routine and escape with your loved one to an open landscape beneath the starry sky and just relax? Going on a vacation has always sounded perfect but due to lack of time, you might struggle while thinking about a list of places to go to. So here we have sorted some of the most romantic getaway destinations near Delhi for a refreshing vacation that you have craved for a long time. 

1. Trekking in Kheerganga


If you are a couple who love to go on adventure trips, then this one is for you guys! The best route for trekking in Kheerganga is one that passes through Kasol via a small village named Tosh. This route beautifully appreciates nature’s beauty at its best with a hot water spring that is located on the midway. You will also get a treat into psychedelic party culture nearby Kasol, which is going to make your trip!

2. Enjoy the landscape in Lansdowne


If you truly wish to have a relaxing vacation with your beloved, then Lansdowne is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Located in Uttarakhand, it is at a distance of merely 259 kilometres from Delhi, which means just a few hours drive. Lansdowne is an amazing place that has an extremely serene landscape and wonderful weather all year round.  

3. Shimla


Want to calm your mind in the luxurious hills and lush green landscape? Just at a distance of 355 kilometres from Delhi, Shimla is the must-go romantic weekend getaway destination near Delhi. The calm snowfall in Shimla provides an unbeatable peace to one’s senses, that will make it intimate to snuggle up with your special one. Also, on your visit to Shimla, you must not forget to wander on the streets of mall road and sit calmly and enjoy the beautiful view on the banks of Sauru Tal.

So, what are you waiting for? The weekend is around the corner, and therefore planning a short vacation with your beloved could be the best getaway you two can crave for.