Samsung Odyssey G9 gaming monitor now available for pre-order


Samsung’s much-hyped Odyssey G9, an ultra-curved gaming monitor, is now available for pre-order on its website.  First unveiled during CES 2020, the concave 49” screen has been the talk of the town ever since. As claimed by Samsung, its 1000R, the new apex of curved screen technology, matches the contours of the human eye for unimaginable realism. Also, its 240hz RapidCurve™ eliminates lag for exhilarating gameplay with ultra-smooth action, the brand claims.

The brand also makes the G7 monitor available along with this super popular G9 one. In terms of aesthetics, these two monitors look similar at a distance; The Verge reports. However, the G9 has glossy white plastic on the back whereas the G7 uses matte black plastic around the rear. The G7 also uses small blue triangular vents on the front. Both carry the futuristic Iron Man-esque reactor core design where the stand meets the monitor, The Verge also states.


The G9 marries unmatched immersion, with unbelievable performance, pixel-perfect image quality and incredible visual design. The G7 combines the exceptional immersion, incredible performance, stunning image quality and industry defining the visual design of the G9, into a darker and more compact package.

As the brand claims, G9 is the world’s first 5120×1440 gaming monitor with a 240Hz refresh rate. You should upgrade to the latest version of the graphics driver to enable a 240Hz refresh rate with a 5120×1440 resolution. It also offers a new level of vibrant resolution via QLED’s bright and realistic shades and hues. Enjoy awe-inspiring game scenes with accuracy in every last detail, the brand claims.

The gaming screen is an absolute delight for gamers across the world. “Seize winning control. The incredibly-low 2ms input lag brings never-before-experienced response accuracy to catch notoriously-agile enemies. It’s so fast, that action begins instantly when you turn on the screen, with virtually no delay between your peripherals and the game,” Samsung assures.

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