Sana Khan’s Beauty Regime Decoded


The charming Sana Khan is one of the few women in the industry who pull off the sultry looks as well as the bubbly ones. We decipher the “Wajah Tum Ho” actress’ skin care regimen and her definition of what beauty is, in a candid conversation.


Beauty: I fall in love with a person’s soul not face. It might sound clichéd. But the truth is, you exuberate true beauty when you are happy. Be happy; be content, because if you are stressed and sad, you cannot feel beautiful.

Skin Care Regimen: After your day is over; you have to exfoliate your skin. I use Clarins and I highly recommend it because it makes my skin shine. I use a mild face wash from Bioderma. I use Johnson Baby Wash and moisturiser. I have noticed that it is always better to dab your face than to rub on it. I always use a good anti ageing serum at night. It is always idyllic to use anti ageing cream as you cross 22-23, as it’s a myth that anti ageing is for people after 30. I experiment with the serum brands but I recommend Estee Lauder Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex. Right after washing my face, I apply sunscreen just before heading out in the morning. I use Bioderma makeup remover as it is chemical free.


Natural Ingredients: It highly depends on the condition of my skin. Whenever my skin feels dry, I apply curd, honey and lemon mix. Curd keeps the skin hydrated and honey nourishes the skin. My favourite cleanser at home is besan with a pinch of turmeric, drops of glycerin and lemon drops in it. When my skin doesn’t feel oily, I apply malai. I apply lots of moisturizer after face pack. Post shoot, I rub tomato or potato slices on my face but especially under eyes.

Must in my vanity: I always carry a sunscreen, lip balm or lipstick, chewing gum and of course, perfume.

Lust looks: The makeup look I want depends on the event I am heading to. When I am going to a casual get together, I opt for a natural look with strokes of a highlighter. Contouring is a very important step in my makeup regime. When I am going out in the evening, I make sure to work on my eye lashes.

Quick Hair Fix: A hair bun is every girl’s favourite quick fix.

Brands I swear by:  I keep experimenting; every premium brand has something good to offer. I have a sensitive skin that is prone to acne so I prefer water based products. I have used products from Gold Elements. I recommend using face mask sheet.