11 Song Ideas for Sangeet Night


Sangeet is one of the most exciting nights for the bride and groom. It is one day when they can just let their hair down, dance, and truly enjoy the ceremonies.

Since a lot of people have started to prepare these dance performances in advance, we thought it might be a good idea, to give you a head-start with our specially curated song list. 

  1. Initiate with Sajna 

Sajna song has been trending for the past few months as a bride’s favorite song for a special entry even on their sangeet night. Flaunt yours with this song to make your partner fall in love with you even more!

2. Ghaghra

This song has become the signature Bollywood song for bride and groom!

  1. Badtameez Dil

    How can we forget the time Ranbir Kapoor stole our hearts with a dazzling performance on Badtameez Dil? This song is perfect for groom and his friends to rock the stage with friends.

  2. Hua Chockra Jawan re


    Who says you have to stick to love songs with your partner? Own the stage a fiery song as this one.

  3. Gori Gori

    We’ve all been crazy about songs from 90s and 20s movies. The kind of beats, music, and rhythm, you cant help but come to the dance floor. 

  4. Gulabo

    This song is every bride’s dream for her wedding. Alia’s dance in white shirt and the swagger look- is enough to glam up your sangeet. 

  5. Jalebi baby

    When talking about fiery songs, how can we miss Jalebi Baby? This song is perfect for the bride to get on the dance floor with their friends and just dance the night out!

  6. Khadke Glassy

    Punjabi songs like these are the core of every wedding. So, your sangeet playlist will be incomplete without adding a performance on this song.

  7. Sasural Genda Phool

    This soft beat song delivers the feelings of our bride perfectly. You can perform this song with your cousins or relatives or solo- whichever you like!

  8. Galaan Kudiyaan

    This family song has been ruling our hearts ever since the movie came out. Keep this song towards the end to invite all your relatives to dance with you.

  9. Nach de ne saare

    This is another one of family favorites, wherein you can just call out to everyone from kids to adults and elderly and soak in every bit of fun. 

So these were a few suggestions that we feel need to be in your playlist.