Saree for Simplicity: Celebrity style hunt


A saree needs nothing else to stand out, yet we keep on loading it with extra bling to multiply its ‘ethnic appeal’. Today, we tell you not to create maximal saree looks. Wedding Affair lists some fantastic simple yet elegant saree looks on celebrities that we absolutely love. Take the hint from these celebs’ style to create a minimal look with saree that still shouts elegance on the top of its voice.

The simplicity of Bensarasi

Instagram – Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor here shows us how to to be a power dresser with just a simple Benrasi saree look. The drama is evident but the look is subtle – a playful merger of power and definition! The Benarasi silk is a statement in itself! At least three men work behind the looms to produce one Banarasi saree. Weaving, dyeing and managing the silk bundle are three important components of work. Designs are drawn by hand prior to making punch cards. It could also take about 15 days to 6 months to weave a perfect Banarasi weave in spite of the technology available.

The drama of a blouse

Instagram – Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor’s blouses are all about that drama. While the saree remains simple, the blouse speaks volumes. For instance, this Manish Malhotra saree is the epitome of simplistic elegance! The number in itself is white with minimal borders and maximal beauty. Try this look out and enjoy the subtlety of Indian aesthetics.

Cotton Candy

Cotton sarees are everything! EVERYTHING! From easy airport looks to sophisticated ethnic look, a high-degree fashion look can be easily attained with a simple cotton saree. Take a cue from Kangana Ranaut’s relaxed style while reading. This one is a very simple and no-effort look that can be easily attained in no time and is highly stylish.

Minimal Accessories

Instagram – Janhvi Kapoor

Usually, people will tell you that you need to style your saree with bold jewellery to make your look stand out. Don’t listen to them! Take a look at this delicate look on Janhvi Kapoor. Without heavy makeup and without outrageous jewellery, she makes the saree shine plain and simple. That’s all it is!

Flower Power

Instagram – Kriti Sanon

Take style tips from the stylish diva Kriti Sanon. Her maroon flower print number is the OG of wholesome goodness packed in minimal substance. This look is definitely gonna stand out without even making any effort.

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