Save the date announcement ideas for weddings


Other than selecting your wedding dates, thinking about how to announce your wedding or engagement dates?  Even though a wedding invite does the needful, in this instagram savy world, announcing your wedding dates can be accompanied with a fun ‘Save The Date’ announcement, it gets all the more difficult for your guests to give your wedding a miss.

Especially when the announcement has got the two of you posing with your dog baby,colours  or maybe recreating the poster of your favorite movie, one can only await what more you’ve got in store for them at your wedding.


Digital Save The Date Ideas

Go all fancy and eco-friendly with save the date illustrations which you can send out on Whatsapp or via email. You can have illustrations or cartoon depicting your love story in your save the date for your insta post

Games and best friends

Letting everyone know your wedding date in a playful manner is a great way for people to know what kind of couple you both make. Games say friendship, love and understanding like nothing else.

Balloons to the rescue

If you’re doubtful about trying any of the above ways to declare your save the dates. Then gallons are the way to go.  It’s bright , fancy, cheap and most importantly minimalistic.

Include your poochies

Seal your date of commitment along with your fur baby. Let your pet come forward and break the news to your friends and family. Not only will it help make people see the date as they stop to see your cute dog, it will also be a great way to show that you’re going to be a family. A fitting reminder for everything.

Never to old for chalkboards

Take photoshoots where either one of you writes the date on a board or lay down by the same with mini chalkboards announcing your wedding dates, it will makes up for such a quirky way to tell people about your wedding date.

Customised cards and magnets

surprise your guests with personalised save the date magnets along with your invitation .that way they can stick it somewhere they usually do and see and this will help them remember your wedding dates.

Shoe talk

Instead of announcing it draw up the dates on the back of your shoes for the photoshoot

Go Hollywood

What’s more fun to recreate than a Hollywood poster or scene. Doing this will.not just be creative but fun for you as well



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