Scintillating Jewellery Ideas For South-Indian Brides

South Indian Jewellery
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Jewellery is always like the perfect spice, which compliments your countenance with extreme grace. It is definitely the resplendent beauty of a bride on her wedding day. There is so much about the bridal trousseau of a South Indian bride, including the beautiful Kanjivaram sarees, unique blouse designs and even saree lehengas. And it is not just the outfits we pine after the bridal wardrobe, but also some of the most precious jewellery that is exclusive to South Indian brides. These brides always leave jaw-dropping wedding ideas. Here is a compilation of the various types of jewellery for South Indian brides that have been loved in the past, is still adored in the present and will always be the iconic style pieces in the future. Gear up, new age brides, as we present the must-have flattering south-Indian jewellery for your ultimate bridal look!

Antique Gold Jewellery

It is usually the kind we have all seen in South Indian weddings. Made in many designs and forms like Meenakari, Kundan, etc., it is considered very auspicious for the South Indian brides. Since South Indian gold is slightly lighter in colour, antique gold jewellery is polished a bit darker to look like a dull gold colour that camouflages the heavy look of the wedding attire. Antique designs like haath pools, maang tikkas, kadas, vankis, and waist belts along with heavy neckpieces are the major South Indian bridal fashion. And when speaking of popular antique gold jewellery, the Gundla Mala (beaded necklace having three layers) is also quite a hot choice amongst brides. 

Nakshi and Temple Jewellery

South Indian Jewellery
Anuradha Art Jewellery

These give brides a divine and exquisite look. Nakshi and Temple jewellery are more popular than any because of their opulent and royal look. Pendants of Lakshmi & Ganesh studded with precious gemstones, uncut diamonds, polkis, nashi beads, and south sea pearls are hot and trending in bridal fashion. In fact, Nakshi waist belts, traditionally known as ‘vaddanams’, are popular to flaunt the overall bridal appearance. This style of south-Indian jewellery is the most popular.

Pacchi Jewellery


The winsome appeal of ‘Pachchikam’ or ‘Pachhi Jewellery’ has helped it acquire a style status in the world of contemporary fashion. It is a centuries-old, extremely intricate jewellery art in which pieces use glass stone, coloured pacchi leaves, and pearls. Every leaf is embellished by hand on top of the other, which makes the jewellery style even more special and unique due to its three-dimensional appearance. Aesthetically designed and finely finished, this jewellery has become the brides’ favourite for their big day.

Kasulaperu Jewellery

‘Kasulaperu’ is the Telugu name of an iconic jewellery design that is both elegant and trendy. It is a form of neckpiece and consists of gold coins imprinted with the images of deities attached. “Kasu Harams” is a kind of gold jewellery for South Indian brides that come in either shiny or dull antique finishes. This famous and timeless piece of jewellery is admired by the brides looking for a richer traditional look. Kasulaperu is a big thing amid the South Indian bridal fashion and comes in different varieties, with each piece being a fine, eye-catching piece of craft. This south-Indian jewellery is traditional, yet elegant!

Guttapusalu Haram

This heritage necklace design, Guttapusalu is a loopy necklace. It owes its origins to the pearl fishing coastal areas of the Andhra region. The necklace has strings of beads attached in fringes. These appear like a shoal of small fish and hence have derived its name. This has further embellishment of patterns to adorn the base area of the necklace. It usually has studs with rich rubies, emeralds, or Kundans. And it looks very graceful which is why it is a trendy choice for the South Indian brides. 

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