Secrets To Big & Beautiful Eyes


Yes we are just midway into the week but that means only a few days left for the weekend! And we know how you’re sneakily planning your club night with your girls on the group chat while pretending to be an avid participant in the office meeting. 

You would want nothing but to look your absolute best cause turning your night into a date night wouldn’t hurt anybody. And therefore, you need to be ready with all your moves in the bag, like the scandalous hip sway, the sassy hair flick. Wait, did we mention the eyestalk? 

Since coon’s age, we have come to know the importance and beauty of big, doe-like eyes, but time and again we find ourselves stuck with crater-like eye bags or with makeup snafus that result in relatively smaller eyes. Therefore, to tackle this situation, Wedding Affair brings to you a list of different tips and tricks of the beauty gurus that can help create an illusion of bigger and prettier eyes. 

1. Illuminate Your Lashline

Adding a layer of nude-coloured kohl or eyeliner like beige can really work wonders in your favour.  It’s one of the simplest tricks to make your eyes look bigger. You can even use white kohl or eyeliner for a striking dramatic look. 

2. The Highlight Hallucination


Highlighting is not just limited to cheekbones and nose, and a few dabs of any highlighter of your choice to your brow bones and inner corner of your eyes can really open up your eyes and make it pop.

3. Conceal Your Circles

Covering up your dark circles plays a very vital role in any eye look and especially concealing the inner and outer corners under your eyes are important as these are the areas that mostly tend to appear darker. Concealing strategically helps emphasize the size of one’s eyes.

4. Lift Them Lashes

It’s no secret that long and curled lashes make eyes look more flattering and elegant and therefore investing in a good pair of eyelash curlers and appropriate falsies is a must. However, mascara too is an important ingredient and therefore make sure you apply a generous amount of product to your lashes to really give it that volume. 

5. Accentuate The Crease

Defining the crease of your eyes can help add dimension to your eyes. Outlining the crease of your eyes with the right shade of eyeshadow for whichever look you’re planning to go for, makes your eyes look more emphatic and naturally bigger.

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