Seducing By Signs – Love, Sex and Zodiac!



Have you set your sights on the dashing Leo? Or is it the passionate Taurean, who is making you weak in the knees? Customise your seduction style according to the zodiac that sparks your love interest!

Let the cosmos guide you in the art of seduction. Whether it is the spirited Arien, who is thumping your heartbeat or the balanced Libran rocking your equilibrium, set your bed on fire by following a few cosmic pointers that will make you an irresistible lover!

Cowboy Arien

 The adventurous Arien loves the chase. Lure your Aries lover to bed in some itsy-bitsy number and get ready for a wild, wild night of passionate lovemaking. Be bold and never take ‘No’ for an answer! With Ariens, sex is a physical act, the dirtier the better!

The best way to please your Aries lover – Be up for anything! The dominant Ram needs a spontaneous partner with whom he/she can indulge in a hot and fast sex in a mindboggling variety of positions! So drop all inhibitions and forget the routine!

Sex tip: Go wild. Toys, bondage or spanking; with Aries there is nothing off the table!

Insatiable Taurean

Sensual Taureans are born lovers. Addicted to love; sensuality and romance is the key to melt the bull’s heart. One of the most sexual people of the Zodiac circle, sex to the Taurean is primal and natural. With Taureans, slow and steady wins the race, so ‘quickies’ are a big No-No!

The best way to please your Taurus lover – Indulge in long sensual sessions with hours of foreplay. Sex can be sweet torture with this earthy sign as they like to fulfill their lover’s every erotic whim! Light some candle, play a romantic number and get in the mood for a night of long, passionate seduction.

Sex tip: Be passionate. Try Tantric sex. With Taureans, sex is an art of spiritual bonding. The more intimate, the better!

Spicy Gemini

The multi-faceted Gemini is all about mental stimulation. Be it words or soft seductive kisses, Gemini’s go weak on oral stimulation. In bed, keep things new and exciting to keep them satiated. Whether it is role play allowing them to take up new personas or the newest sexual toy in the market,

The best way to please your Gemini lover – Gemini will always love variety over routine. Turn your lover on with dirty talks, sexual innuendos or even phone sex and get ready for the surprising fireworks!

Sex tip: Be experimental! Dress up like their naughty sexual fantasy, write them a dirty letter or even better make your own dirty video!

Moody Cancerians

The sensitive Cancerian is a romantic at heart. The trick to get your crab out of its shell is to woo it in the old fashioned way. Conventional to the core, arouse their passion with soft kisses and sweeter words. Making love is a spiritual thing for cancerians and their deepest desire is to completely satisfy their lover in bed. A rough or crude sex is a turn-off for them and wild sexual experiments never intrigues them.

The best way to please your Cancerian lover: Sex with the crab is like a slow dance, the deeper you go, the faster the tempo!

Sex tip: Go slow! Show the crab what buttons to push and then let them explore the said ‘buttons’ until you can’t stand it anymore.

Dramatic Leo

To play with the kingly lion, get ready to get ravished by the beast. Emanating great physicality, sex with the Leos is hardcore. Nothing is more arousing to the lion, than being the master and demonstrating their sexual potential to its fullest! Worship your hot blooded lover and show them how overwhelmed you feel by the magnetism of their personality!

The best way to please your Leo lover: Have fun while in bed and always try new things to keep your lion happy.

Sex tip: Play dirty! Shower him with compliments. Make sex an adventure where you are the prize and let them conquer you slowly again and again.

Multifaceted Virgo

A virginal Virgo is emotionally very strong and not prone to spontaneous display of emotions. Be confident and make the first move when it comes to erotic affairs and get a taste of their strong carnal appetite! Blessed with an earthy sensuality, the Virgo is a compassionate lover with traditional tastes in bed. A perfectionist by nature, when your Virgo lover gets going, you better watch out! After all, still waters run deeper!

Sex tip: Take control. Try shower sex. Make a list of naughty things you want to try and then go through the list one at a time!

Enigmatic Libran

Provocative in a quiet way, Librans are addicted to sex as a means that gives them both mental and physical satisfaction. These Cupidic creatures love a sensual setting that pervades them with the giddy feeling of romance. A Libran knows how to excite the senses and gives more than they get. Sensual to the core, a Libran will certainly send their partner to the seventh heaven!

The best way to please your Libran lover: The exhibitionist in them finds erotic expression through role-playing and fantasy games that gives new meaning to drama!

Sex tip: Set up an erotic boudoir and get ready to get ravished under their masterful hands.

Mysterious Scorpion

A sexual creature at heart, for Scorpions, sex is religion. Their magnetizing sexual aura often hypnotizes their lovers into a state of helpless surrender! The darkly mysterious Scorpions are extremely libidinous and use sex in a way to explore the mystical side of life.

The best way to please your Scorpion lover:To impress your Scorpion lover, be prepared to explore the unexplored! From spanking to silken bondage, in the Scorpion’s bed nothing is taboo!

Sex tip: Get under the dangerous spell and surrender your body to pleasure. Ahem!

Fiery Saggitarians

The Sagittarian is like a butterfly floating from one flower to another, always looking to explore the new! Sexually he likes experimenting and hates anything that even resembles being routine. Adventurous at heart, Sagittarians love intense sexual encounters anytime, anyplace. The fierce Archer is a graceful lover and will use various sexual techniques to guarantee the sexual satisfaction of their lover. Under their spell, cupid’s arrows look harmless!

Sex tip: Surprise them. Go for skinny dipping, but make the strip-tease an elaborate show!

Sensual Capricorn

The deeply romantic Capricorn is a skilled lover and loves the simple pleasures of life. They have a fondness for more mature partners who will not only be able to act like an equal in bed but also be able to hold an intelligent post-coital conversation with them. Sex and love go hand in hand for the goat and pleasing their lover in bed is of utmost importance to them. They like straight sex with no frills! Try classic positions like the missionary, reverse missionary etc. to make them beg you for more.

Sex tip: Be romantic. Light a few candles, play classical music and slowly seduce your beloved.

Secretive Aquarius

Sex for the Aquarians is a mental thing. To make your Aquarian lover pant with pleasure, be vocal about what you want to do in bed. Get under their skin until they surrender their iron-grip on control and give in to their more carnal desires and see the fireworks start. Experimental by nature, the Aquarian loves to try new things and have fun between the sheets! Excite him in naughty outfits that give free rein to his imagination and then slowly turn them into reality.

Sex tip: Gift them a sex toy and ask them to try it on you. Read the Kama Sutra together and experiment with those awe-inspiring positions!

Artistic Piscean

The fishy Piscean is almost always lost in their own dream world. They create elaborate fantasies that take sex to a different level. The fish likes their lover to be dominating. So command! The most other worldly of all the sun-signs, sex for the Pisces is as much about spiritual bonding as it is about physical gratification. To entice your lover, create new sex scenarios that give free rein to their chameleon-like personality!

Sex tip: Turn those mystical sex fantasies into reality. Go for romantic role play which creates a web of enchantment all around.

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