Self-Aid to keep anxiety and worries at bay!!


Dealing with the pandemic situation is what makes us prey to daily anxiety, and even otherwise certain issues tend to bother people at a level that they are already deep into the condition of anxiety. But who says that medicines are the only solution? Well, nothing is farther from the truth, you can deal with issues of anxiety by following a few natural steps, as listed below. Have a look at the pointers below and pluck that anxious seed out of you immediately. 

Fight it with confidence!

Having trouble dealing with anxiety issues? Well, don’t overthink it and deal with it like a firefighter. If you think that anxiety is constantly knocking on your doorstep, well then instead of running from the same all you need to do is to relax and fight it with confidence. Accept it, deal with it and move on! Don’t let the thought of being anxious scare you off, just take it one by one, day by day, and breathe in breathe out. Calm yourself down and let yourself relax for a bit. 

Stretch it out!! 

Stretch that anxiety out! Yea, we know it sounds weird, but what we meant is to resort to Yoga or other physical exercises to calm your muscles and to keep yourself occupied with some relaxing exercises. Anxiety does not only take a toll on your mental peace, but it also disrupts your physical balance. So, in order to rule out any further issues related to your physical strength, you should definitely get your alarm set for some daily routine stretches and exercises. 

Talk it out! 

Holding onto things and piling them on is definitely not an ideal way to deal with something that might be bothering you. Instead of bottling it up inside of you, you can talk it out with your friends and family and make sure to deal with the constant anxiousness with proper care and concern. Simply addressing your thoughts and feelings will help you rule out all the root causes of your anxiety and it might also help you get some suggestions and insight on your current situation from your acquaintances. 

Live in the moment

There are certain people who tend to have the habit of thinking too much about the future. They tend to question themselves about “what does the future hold for me?” or “what if things don’t turn out well?”. All such questions will not lead to your answers, in fact, contrary to that they will indulge you in a deep puddle of anxiety. Make sure not to stress yourself overthinking about ‘what could happen and instead focus on ‘what is happening’. This way you’ll be living in the moment, far away from the stress and anxiety of worrying about your future endeavors. Enjoy every moment while you’re in it, because after all you only live once, #YOLO. 

Treat yourself!

Well, dealing with anxiety is even more, easier if you treat yourself to your favorite hobbies and also by grabbing your favorite cuisines or visiting dream destinations. Any of these options will count as treating yourself, and you need to follow this mantra because pursuing your likes is what makes you happy and keeps you from falling off that optimistic track. So, a happy soul keeps all anxiety away and that is the ultimate goal. Live your dreams and #TreatYourself with whatever makes you happy. 

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