Stunning Setups for Bridal Mehndi 

Image Source: ShaadiWish

Every bride desires that the functions preceding her wedding must be thrilling and exciting for everyone. Venues for occasions like Mehndi, SangeetHaldi ceremony as well as the Cocktail should be managed in a way that enhances the fun. Most often, wedding planners are told to leave no stones unturned in arranging splendid decoration. The glittering physical aura of a function is the first thing that catches our eyes and remains in our hearts for a long time. 

Here are a few ideas for some easy-on-the-eyes setups for the occasion of adorning the bride with Mehndi:

1. Outdoor Swing


There is a specific place prescribed for the happening of a particular function when arranging the wedding on a destination. Desspite of all the ideas and labour that is put into designing a setup, the bride’s preference comes first! If an idea seems more appealing to the bride, if her imagination pleases her more than the planned layout, then there are no second thoughts. Contradicting the bride’s taste was never there on the list!

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The setup that involves an outdoor swing is perfect if you have chosen your destination as either a hill station or a beachside. The weather at such places is so inviting for everyone to lose themselves in the ecstasy of feeling at their best. A light-coloured swing adorned with the glow of uncountable flowers will look no less than stunning. The bride-to-be will feel heavenly while sitting in nature’s lap surrounded by her loved ones and inhaling mehndi’s pleasant smell.

2. Indoor Sofa display


A semi-floral curtain hanging all over the sofa designed with beautiful cushions is our idea for this setup. Generally, desired as the indoor design, this display is the best fit for air-conditioned halls during summertime. This sofa display is sometimes replaced with a swing that is creatively kept in front of a well-decorated wall. The area around the sofa is completely reserved as the bride’s personal space is occupied with numerous gifts and her best friends. 

Image Source: ShaadiWish

No matter whichever idea of setting up the aura for mehndi is desired by the bride, it will surely not be deprived of grace. These stunning setups for bridal mehndi will add life to the overall ambience of the grand occasion.