Sex Advice For Every Newly-Wed Bride


Marriage is a connection of two souls (of bride and groom) in a manner that their lives mingle with each other. It is an onward journey of leaps and bounds and several ups and downs. It is also another onward journey where the two also need to ignite their sexual life for a long time to come. To keep that fire alive in the bed is not an easy task. New brides often get nervous if their new life will have that flare in sex as well or not! Hence, Wedding Affair mentions some sex tips that every new bride must know.

It is known that men respond to praises and compliments. It can be helpful for him to hear compliments both in and out of the bedroom. As per, together with stroking and squeezing various body parts, sex therapists advice women to give praise as a genuine show of appreciation to boost a man’s ego. It gives the assurance of their value and appreciation of their masculine features as an indicator of some sort of achievement. According to Diana Kelly, one of the main pieces of sex advice that guys tell sex therapists: They’d like you to act more uninhibited and confident when it comes to sex, and be more open to experimenting with new things, to see if they’re pleasurable for one or both of you.

Long journeys of marriage/relationship with the same person can often lead to monotony and boredom. Another way in which sex life feels alive again is to play out some fantasies in the bed. Men appreciate if women are ready to participate in their sexual fantasies. Even women might have some of their own. These initiate new stuff, new feelings and new emotions in the couple that can rekindle the spirits in the bed.


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