Sexual Fantasies- The darker, deeper Desires!


sex_4Give wings to your passionate longing and explore the dark recesses of your mind to know what you really desire. Exploring our desires is not only exciting but also teaches us a lot about our personality and what makes us tick! Such dark and passionate sexual fantasies are always hot.

The dictionary says, a fantasy is ‘the faculty or activity of imagining impossible or improbable things.’ Sexual fantasies work hand in hand with buried desires and what stimulates an arousal in you. Your innermost, wild, uncensored desires are nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, having fantasies and imagining scenarios is a healthy habit in adults. The more creative you are, the more detailed your fantasy is. These desires are what we feel are inappropriate and wanton and rarely transformed into reality. Whether you keep them locked up inside you or decide to act on it with your partner, fantasies are fun.

And it’s not a men’s or women’s thing, both the sexes are equally guilty of this blissful sin. Even though the ‘actually working on your desires’ bit comes out of how confident one is about their body and sexuality, and open to sexual adventures, there is no stopping the other half of the lot from imagining. And let’s be true to ourselves, the level and dynamics, and the actual acting upon our imagination are the workings of our unconscious mind.

This brings us to some of the most common sexual fantasies we have, as the only species that indulges in sex for reasons other than reproduction.

(Nooooo! Researchers have pointed out that pigs, and dolphins to do it for pleasure. But we still are the only ones who can fantasize. Human:1. Animal: 0)

Ravish Me. . . . .

“You feel his hot gaze on you.  He is literally undressing you with his eyes. His hungry eyes remind you of a predator and you know that you are the intended prey. He pulls you in his arms and kisses you with such fervor that your protests soon turn into aroused whispers. You know that he is about to ravage every luscious inch of your body but he is so damn powerful and his undeniable skill makes it almost impossible for you to break free of his magical hold.”

Oh yes! Women do fantasize and most of their fantasy scenarios are, by far, more lavish and detailed than a man’s. In ravishing fantasy, there is always a very good-looking and powerful man, who finds a woman’s charm so alluring that in a savage lust, he simply carries her to bed and has his ways with her.

Three is Not Always a Crowd!

“Her nails are digging into your back as you surrender yourself to pleasure! As she slowly kisses your lips, you are aware of another set of lips slowly scorching a trail of kisses down to where you are craving to be touched. You are sandwiched between two hot girls who find you so hot that they can hardly control their wanton behavior. The image of two women begging to please you makes you feel like a king…”

Threesome is one of the most common sexual fantasies that both men and women share. While there are variations in who should be in the mix, the number is often the exact number desired by both couples and singles to spice up their sexual life. Men, of course, would prefer two women who are not only begging to pleasure him but also loves kissing and fondling each other in a playful manner. Oh yes! Men and their girl-on girl fantasies will never go out of trend!

Though women too fantasize about threesome, the mix is more open to another woman and a man or two men but the difference is that she craves to be the center of attention from all her partners!

Catch Me If You Can!

“As the door of the elevator closes, I grab her by the hair and kiss her passionately, while my hand caresses her back. There is a frenzy to do everything at once and the fear that any moment now the door will open and our little indiscretion will be revealed to all makes it hotter!”

A bite of the forbidden fruit is always tempting and the riskier the game the more thrilling it is for the players! There can be variation in the setting of the fantasy but the crux of the fantasy lies in the fear of getting caught! Do you get turned on by the idea of indulging in wild animal sex out in the open where you can get caught any moment? For many more than exhibition, it is the thrill of doing something illicit in an open area, which they find irresistible!

BDSM without the M. . . . .

“The soft bondage of the satin tie that he uses to tie me up digs into my soft flesh. I am tied-up and blindfolded! I wait helplessly for him to take action, never knowing what he will do. My total submission to this powerful man seems to arouse him to new heights. The anticipation of being totally at his mercy for his devilishly sexy plan thrills me to bits!”

Does the idea of getting all tied up and helpless at the hands of your lover keep you up at night? The Dominatrix and Submission fantasy is also pretty popular especially after the emergence of the charismatic Christian Grey of Fifty Shades Trilogy! Does the idea of dominating someone to your will in a manner where your words is all that counts, makes you feel super powerful? The allure of the irony here is that both men and women who are usually of a more meek and passive nature are more drawn to domination in the bedroom. As they want to take back some power which they feel are otherwise missing from their life! While people who hold a position of power or are in charge of taking quick critical decisions are often more eager to submit while in bed.

Disclaimer: Bondage and Domination should only happen with permission, and should not extend into other areas of life.

The Forbidden Fruit!

“She looks at me with those sultry eyes, her lips pouting for a kiss. I know she is off-limits and that makes this illicit chase even hotter. As I come closer, her eyes beg me to take her in my arms, to throw caution to the wind and let passion reign supreme. As my lips touch those soft pink trembling lips, she gasps my name and I know the battle is lost… ”

Anything forbidden or taboo is by default sexy and fantasies about people who are off-limits are quite thrilling. Do fantasies about doing the dirty with your friend’s lover, a hot married person or a prohibited office romance make you go weak in the knees?  The thrill of the chase, of doing it with someone hard to get is often what attracts people.

A fantasy is like the steam coming out of a hot cup of coffee, on a cold winter morning. Pushing sensitive buttons of carnal desire in our body sends the good kind of goose bumps down our neck, forces us to curl our toes and roll back our shoulders!