Shabbir Ahluwalia and Kanchi Kaul’s vacation in Maldives


Sapphire blue beaches in the backdrop, serene beauty, lush greenery and majestically posing infront of the camera- we are talking about the delightful couple Shabbir Ahluwalia and Kanchi Kaul. As handsome and dapper Shabbir appears to be on the camera, he is no less attractive in real life and his latest Instagram pictures from his trip to Maldives are a sure shot proof of it.

This boy …. #neveradullmoment #crazy #chevalblancrandheli #goodtimes ❤

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Shabbir, along with his ladylove Kanchi, recently took a trip to Maldives, taking some time off their busy schedule to spend some quality time with each other and since then their Instagram accounts were showered with their astonishing pictures together. The couple was seen capturing pictures in a romantic spirit with beautiful beaches in the background.

#timetodive #lovingit #paradise

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In some pictures, we see Kaul posing candidly flaunting her beauty, while in others, the couple are seen spending some quality time. The pair also recently took a voyage to Jaipur to spend their New Year’s Eve in style.

#paradise #perfectmorning #roomwithaview #lovingit #bestever #chevalblancrandheli #maldives

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#neverwannaleave #chevalblancrandheli #heaven

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The couple has been married for almost six years. Shabbir and Kanchi are blessed with two children. Kanchi gave birth to their second child few months back. While Shabbir is a dotting daddy, Kanchi is a hot mother.

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