Shah Rukh Khan About the Paparazzi Culture

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan with Suhana Khan

The King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, gets candid about his views on the paparazzi culture. He says that his family has accepted the paparazzi as a part of their lives. He further added that they have sold their souls for photographs.

In an interview with CNN- News 18, the actor said, “Being photographed is the part of stardom that we all have accepted…I think everybody in this day and age is fair game. We’ve sold our souls for selfies.”

Last month in a video gone viral, his 17 year old daughter, Suhana was seen looking helpless and uncomfortable as she was trying to hide her face from the photographers, while waiting for an elevator in a theater’s basement.

On this, Shah Rukh Khan said, “I think the kids started feeling awkward with all the paraphernalia. Every time I go out in a public place, I don’t take them with me. My wife doesn’t come, my children don’t come. I go to functions alone or post they have gone.”

Shah Rukh said to avoid such occasions, he made few adjustments for his family which included sending them abroad to study as they were feeling a little awkward with all the attention they got.

“I’m happy they’ve gone. Where they’re studying, to a large extent people don’t know me. But I’m Okay with them being photographed. I understand photographs need to be taken, I’ve explained it to my kids also that listen, “if photographers come, stand, do the picture and say, ‘Please can I go now?’ And they’ll listen to you. I’ve known them for 25 years,” he added.

As far as his children are concerned, he said that they believed that being photographed doesn’t make anyone important. More often than not they tell him how to behave with the paparazzi.

“They’ll say, ‘Papa, now don’t lose your temper. There will be too many people.’ I think they’re quite mature about it.” he said.