Sheesh Patti Looks You Cannot Miss!


No matter how much you talk and discuss the wedding couture, it is never enough. Our hearts and our eyes will absolutely never stop searching for the perfect piece of jewellery, outfit, footwear, or even makeup. Until and unless things are magnificent to the last breath, it will never be enough. Trending these days is the sheesh patti look spotted on several Indian brides these days. Sheesh patti is basically an ornament that sits on the middle of your head, slightly behind the crown area. Unlike the maatha patti that is placed on the horizon of your forehead and hairline. So, let us grab some attention through these amazing sheesh patti looks –

  1. Jhaalar Sheesh Patti
We can’t take our eyes off these Jhaalar sheesh patti.

Jhaalar means a waterfall. And a jhaalar sheesh patti resonates with a patti that resembles the look of a waterfall. Basically, when several layers of jewellery are arranged in an alignment that loosely falls over your head, and covers the most of your hair, is what is called a Jhaalar Sheesh Patti. If you love to go over the top, but know how to balance out your look by adjusting the rest of your attire, this is the right pick for you. We recommend keeping your remaining jewellery minimal, as this would make the most of your bridal look!

  1. Highly Embellished Sheesh Patti
Elegant embellished sheesh patti.

Slightly different from the jhaalar sheesh, in a highly embellished sheesh patti, you will find a broad band of jewellery that is gilded with some bronze, and which also serves a clean and sophisticated look over the top of your head. Women with rounder head shapes and broad hairline must opt for this one, as it creates a more definite look around your face. You can go with variations like pearls, diamonds, or a combination of both.

  1. Pearl Inspired Patti
A royal look – Pearl sheesh patti.

Talking about pearls, there is a stunning variant of sheesh pattis available in the pearl embellishment too! Some girls just like to keep it white and bright, and pearls do this job best. Choose a pearl sheesh patti if you are not a fan of gold, and wish to add a vintage and English touch to your look. In this picture shown above, we opted for an Indo-western pearl look, but you can go for an all-rounder too.

  1. Chaand Sheesh Patti
Crescent shaped chaand sheesh patti.

Chaand, or Moon as we must say, comes with the thoughts of dreams. And with these alluring crescent-shaped tiny pieces of regalia, which are bound together with equally lovely gemstones, you surely are going to take a lot of breath away! Also falling under the layered sheesh pattis, the chaand ones are not so common in the market these days, which means you have a better chance of rocking the look before anybody else around you does.

  1. Minimal Look Patti
A minimal sheesh patti look.

Here comes the look which many of the girls must be waiting long for. Yes, ladies, we realize that some of you are “Less is more” kinda women, and you still want to make the most out of your wedlock look. As the name suggests, minimal sheesh pattis are thin layered bijoux that will simply sit on the top of your head, and do the most you want by being the least of themselves. This is also a safe option for the women, who are worried about their hair getting tangled into these, or who are unable to wear heavy jewellery for longer hours. Who says it always has to be big and bold, sometimes it can be all light and delight!

  1. Multi-layer Sheesh Patti
This bride opted for multiple thin layers of the multi-layered sheesh patti.

Well, this might not sound like something new, as we have indirectly discussed these in the above section. So, with multi-layer sheesh pattis, you have a whole load of options. You can either go for 2-3 thin layers of stones tied together, or various thick falls of trinkets, or best – a perfectly balanced combination of both. The thing with multi-layered jewellery is, that it adds texture and graduals to your look in a subtle manner.

Finally, we have reached the end of our gilded sheesh patti blog. We know ladies, you are sad and do not want this to end. But, isn’t it leading you to make your big purchase for the ultimate dreamy sheesh patti look to don at your wedding? Yes, it is!