Shopping Tips to Keep in Mind While Buying Your Bridal Lehanga


Lehanga is one of the most important outfits in any bride’s life. Most of them have been dreaming about it their whole lives. So it is quite understandable that you will want to buy a lehanga which can suit you- your personality, stature, complexion, aesthetic and everything else. You want it to be the lehanga of your dreams!

But with so many options and expectations, it can get quite tough to choose your perfect lehanga. So we are here to give you some tips so as to help you buy the lehanga of your dreams.

    • Research!

Before going to buy your lehanga, it is always good to research about your choices and recent trends. It would help you in painting a vague picture of the lehanga you would like to wear. You would also be informed about the recent fashion trends and the colours which are in vogue.

    • Carry a pair of shoes

While trying on a lehanga, it’s always better to take the pair of shoes/ heels that you’ll wear on your wedding day so that you can determine if the dress would look after wearing the heels or not.

    • Try it in different lighting

There will be different lightings at your wedding, so it is best to buy a lehanga which would look good in every light be it under fairy lights or under the sunlight. So, while trying on the lehanga, it is always good to try the lehenga under different lights.

    • Click pictures while trying

Every bride wants to get a number of beautiful pictures on her wedding day. You should always get some pictures clicked while trying it on so as to get a good idea about how it’ll look in pictures and if it looks flattering on you or not.

    • Ask about the delivery timeline

Always ask the designer about the delivery timelines of the lehanga. You would want it at least a month before your wedding so that you can buy the jewelry and other accessories for it. This will also give you some time to try it on and check it for some alterations if needed.

    • Does the designer offer customization?

Many brides want some customizations in their lehanga and the blouse. So, it is always better to inquire about it from your designer before buying your wedding attire.

    • Storage and extra care after buying it

Make sure to get enough information about the proper storage and aftercare of your lehanga to properly take care of it. You must also ask the designer to give you the storage box for the lehanga to keep it safe and take care of it.

Conclusively, the above points will help you in buying the lehanga of your dreams. It is a huge investment and is expensive as well. So the above shopping tips will make sure that you will look your best on your big day.

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