Significance of the ‘Must-have’ bridal jewellery pieces 


Choosing the perfect bridal jewellery sure seems like an exciting task, but do you ladies know the real reasons behind the norms of these jewellery pieces? Well, if not then we might have a trip down memory lane for you. This article will explore the significance and the detailed description of why do the brides wear these ‘must-have’ jewellery pieces at their weddings.

Nose rings

nose ring

While discussing the significance of the ‘must have’ jewellery pieces for a bride, the first one would be the nose ring. Nose rings are considered to be one of the most important and auspicious ornaments worn by almost all Indian brides. This ornament acts as the most integral part of a woman’s final look on her D-Day. So, make sure to select the most suitable and royal nose ring for your fairytale wedding.

Maang Tika

Well, of course, how can we not mention the gorgeous and regal Maang tikas while discussing the significance of bridal jewellery. Maang Tika seems to be an essential part of a bride’s look, she looks incomplete without the royal essence of a mesmerizing tika. As per the Hindu culture, the maang Tika is related to that of a chakra right in the middle of our foreheads which symbolizes the union of two souls without any interruptions and preservation It is known as the eye of the soul, and that is the reason women are asked to wear these Maang tikas right at the parting of the hair.



This is probably the most favorite element for not just a bride, but all the Hindu ladies out there. It’s time to change your perspective about earrings, ladies, because if you think that they are just some hangings adorned to compliment your look then you’re sadly mistaken. There is much more to this story than you know. As per what our Vedas claim, evil spirits had the power to enter into our soul through any of the openings. And by wearing ornaments in your ears, you tend to attain a complete state of well-being, far away from the evil spirits.



Necklaces are not just adding a sense of charm to your exquisite bridal look, instead, it tends to keep you away from all the evil spirits. Since ancient times, neckpieces are worn as a symbol of binding yourself with your eternal powers. The stones, the beads, and all the other elements assist us in bringing good luck and keeping the evil spirits at bay. So, there you have another reason to adorn your neckpieces in the best way possible.

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