Signs indicating that you’re in this for the long haul


At the beginning of any relationship, no one starts off as serious as they are starting to know each other and their traits. But then there comes a time when you don’t have to say it or show it but you know that you’re in this relationship for the long haul. If you are unaware of those songs then we have a list of a few that indicate your involvement in a serious relationship.

The comfort level


The comfort level is the first sign which people notice and think to themselves that we really are serious with this person or this person is really special to them. When you reach this level of comfort around any person you know that there is never an awkward moment between you two and you guys can do anything together without any sense of hesitation. 

You wish to change yourself for them 

Usually, we don’t like to make changes in ourselves for the betterment of someone else as we are too set in our ways. But when someone special comes into our life we just wish to do everything in our power to be great for that person. Going to such lengths for any person is no ordinary thing and is a sign that things are getting serious. 

Always in your mind


In casual relationships, you rarely think about your partner in any way or in any part of your day as it is not that kind of a relationship. However, when things get serious that person is automatically on your mind 24/7. You just naturally think about them or normal things remind you about your partner. 

You wanna introduce them to everyone 

So many of our friends date people that we never meet, that is due to the fact that when people are not sure about their partners they don’t want any member of their life to get close to them. But when you reach this stage of a relationship you just wanna introduce your partner to every important person in your life. 

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