Signs that your partner is not exclusive!

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It is such a beautiful thing to find love and stay like that forever! In the times we live in, we are often filled with insecurities about whether our partner is exclusive. When in a relationship, there are simple indicators that may point out to a possible non-exclusivity from your partner. Wedding Affair indicates some signs that might point that your partner is cheating on you!

Attachment Avoidance

Our attachment styles have more impact on our relationships than we think. Only individuals who are able to establish secure attachment with their partners are able to work out through the difficulties. The securely attached individuals talk to their partners and work it out as and when problems arise, whereas individuals who have the avoidant pattern tend to recluse away from their partners. People with attachment avoidant pattern don’t turn towards their partners rather they turn away from their partners. Securely attached individuals together find ways to deal with the situation. The avoidant partners steer away from each other and thus fail to create a safe and trusting environment.

Opinions Matter

Figure out what your partner has to say about casual hookups. Get to know what your partner thinks about casual intimacy. You must be thinking how does it even matter. The fact of the matter is that it does. The opinions that your partner holds is a lot more telling than we think. 

If your loved one is of the belief that sex is an intrinsic part of love and that one cannot go without the other, if your partner’s beliefs centres around this idea, then you shouldn’t be getting all worked up. 

Past Behaviour

One’s past is not something that one can simply shrug off as one moves forward in life. One’s past is an efficient shaper of their future. Therefore, it is also a great teller of what is in store. Do get to know how your partner’s relationships had been in the past. History doesn’t necessarily repeat itself, but sometimes it does. So, it is better if you don’t err on the side of caution. If your significant other has had multiple partners in the past at the same time, the behaviour is most likely to continue in the future as well. It is better to know details about your partner’s relationships in the past such as how long did it last, why did it end, how committed they felt to their former partner etc. These details can help you gauge the personality of your companion.

Look At The Family

Parent relationships do have a strong impact on their children. A research published in the Journal of International Association For Relationship Research suggests that parental infidelity could lead to children being infidel. If one wants to predict fairly that a person is likely to cheat or not, all you have to do is look no farther than their parents. Most studies have shown that parental infidelity can be linked to children’s infidelity. The reason we suppose is because having seen it very closely, the children of infidel parents could develop lenient attitudes towards cheating. 

The Monogamous Lover

There are people who you might think prove to be unfaithful but are actually not. Partners who have serially been in monogamous relationships in the past are likely to not cheat. Most of the times, they are chasing the thrill of their newfangled relationship. Sure, past the fading of this charm, they easily lose interest, they might seek newness and hence they might want to look out for a new partner, yet these partners are not likely to cheat on their existing partners.

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