Signs That Your Relationship Is Nearing Its End 

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Relationships are an integral part of one’s life. The feeling of being in love is the most beautiful feeling. But sometimes, your relationship can take a toll due to various factors. It not only affects you but all your near and dear ones around. It is all fun and folly until you guys start arguing over petty things, disregard each other and whatnot. 

Here are signs that directly hint towards your relationship nearing its end. 

1. Lack Of Communication 

The first and foremost sign is that you both have stopped communicating. Whether it is about your likes, dislikes, your future or your fears, there is absolutely nothing that you both talk about. Your communication has reached a dead end. Your partner doesn’t ask you about your day and you stop sharing things with them. 

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2. Regular Fights 

Your regular talks have been replaced by fights over petty things which escalate into bigger fights. This proves that you both have become impatient and less tolerant with each other, about each other’s habits and doings. Small things which earlier didn’t concern you are now becoming matters for big fights. 

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3. Your Sex Life Is Dead 

One of the most visible signs that there is nothing is left in your relationship is that your sex life is almost dead. And the worst part is that it doesn’t bother you or your partner. There are no attempts to rekindle intimacy with your partner and all efforts go in vain. 

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4. Trust Issues 

Trust is a building block of a successful relationship. When doubt creeps in between you and your partner, it is definitely a sign of an ending relationship. When trust fails, a lot of things fall apart. You start doubting their every move and questioning their whereabouts even when they tell you where they are. 

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5. Change Of Interests And Values 

Interests can change over time. The core values that you and your partner believe in as individuals can differ and can act as a clashing point for various quarrels. When these arguments increase with each passing day with no plausible solution, it is time that you two part ways before things get worse.

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