Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Wedding Lehenga


The wedding lehenga is any bride’s most special outfit. Many brides dream about their lehenga their whole lives, they plan it months before their wedding and try to have it in their dream color and design. The lehenga is not only a piece of cloth, it is the evidence of a bride’s dream of finding the love of her life. It is the attire in which a woman looks most beautiful in her life.

Most of the time, the lehenga is the most expensive thing in the bridal trousseau. It is an investment for many brides and serves as a memory of the best day of their lives. So, it is quite necessary to take proper steps to ensure that the lehenga is properly taken care of and lasts a long time.

Following are some steps you can make to ensure that your lehenga does not lose its glory with time and remains beautiful as the day it was worn by you.

    • Always Dry Clean your Lehenga

Lehengas are usually made with delicate fabrics like silk or velvet and have elaborate handiwork done on them with precious stones, beads, and threads. Washing this in the washing machine or in water can ruin the work done on it and sometimes, can even destroy the fabric of your lehenga. Therefore, you should always get it dry-cleaned. To take extra care of it, you can get it dry cleaned, each time you wear it.

Never wash your lehenga
    • Be very careful while ironing it

Your lehenga is made up of delicate fabrics and has even more delicate embroidery over it. So, while ironing it, make sure that it’s on a cool setting or at the lowest temperature. You should also put a muslin cloth over the lehenga and then iron over the cloth.

    • Don’t hang it

Lehengas are usually quite heavy with all the detailed work and fabric used in making them. Hanging your lehenga on a hanger can cause it to weigh down and can also result in destroying some of the work and stitching on it. Instead, always keep it on a flat surface so as to protect it.

Don’t hang your lehenga
    • Save it from moths and moisture

While storing it, make sure to keep some naphthalene balls or some lavender leaves in a small pouch to save your lehenga from moths. Also, store it in a cool and dry place and away from moisture to avoid any dust or humidity.

    • Invest in a box

Nowadays, most lehengas, especially the designer ones, come with their designated boxes to store them and keep them protected. If you don’t get a box with it, then make sure to invest in one as it will increase the life of the outfit exponentially. Also, you should keep pieces of muslin cloth between the folds, to preserve the fine work on it.

    • Give it air from time to time

Don’t keep the lehenga in the box for too long. Let it breathe air from time to time, at least once six months. You can also fold it again in a different way to ensure that the creases don’t become permanent.

Thus, keeping your lehenga protected is a task but taking small mindful steps can make it easy for the outfit to last longer. In fact, most people manage to protect their wedding lehenga for generations and preserve it as a memory by following the above steps.

Lehenga is any bride’s favorite and special outfit and therefore, it is imperative that mindful steps must be taken to preserve it.

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