Simplistic Curtain Décor for the Flawless Aesthetic


Decorating your home is one of the most challenging yet exploratory tasks. There are uncountable things to take care of while maintaining the true essence of your sacred space. From furniture to the cutlery, and object placement, to the deciding the right color of the wall, each and everything requires a continuous effort which all of us are willing to put in, given that there are some support guides to help us out. Let us talk about curtains today. Do you think we put much effort in choosing the right window falls for our homes? Well, there is no denying that this tiny piece of home décor can do wonders for your rooms if chosen right. So, have a look down below and pluck the most suitable drape for your place –

  1. Sheer Curtains
Ever breezy sheer curtains.

If you want to give your rooms a breezy touch, sheer curtains are the best pick for you. These are almost transparent curtains that hang over your windows and doors and feel like nothing! Light as hair, and resourceful as the regular ones, sheer fabric is extremely breathable and soft to feel for people who tend to feel suffocated easily. Also, they are available in so many designs and colors to choose from, one of the variants being the bohemian sheer curtain.

  1. Dual Toned Drapes
Chic dual-toned curtains.

Dual or double-toned curtains are an edgy pick for people who want to add texture to their rooms. Sometimes, a single tone is not enough, especially when you have a theme-based room décor. This one works best if you choose contrasting colors for the pair. Like you can pair up green and blue, but the combination appeal will elevate when you put light and dark green together. One of the most beautiful ways to style this type in your home is to place the lighter shade towards the window, and the darker shade towards the room.

  1. Ruffles
The prettiest ruffle curtains.

One of the top trends in the curtain industry is the ruffle-style curtains. These started with mini videos on social media as a Do It Yourself (DIY) tip for people who live alone on a budget and want to give a quirky twist to their pale old curtains. But ruffles were picked up by the market so fast, that they have gained immense popularity amongst the audience due to the easy and fun touch that they add to your room. You can create different styles by stitching different pieces on top of each other, or purchase quality drapes from the marketplace.

  1. Beaded Blinds
Much aesthetic beaded blinds.

We agree that these are not curtains-curtains, but you really need to give this a try. When numerous beads are tied together in a string, and numerous strings are linked together and tied up to your ceiling over a window, what you get is an eye-pleasing piece of a beaded curtain. It is better to place the beads in areas with low light for that dim-light effect, or at places where you need to create a partition between two sections. The moment a little sunlight hits your bead blinds and the reflection falls over your floor, everything in the room seems to light up in a different way.

  1. Solid Coloured Velvet Curtains
Opaque solid toned velvet drops.

Moving towards the heavy drops, velvet curtains are best for those people who would like to block the sun rays from entering your space. It is also the right choice for people who incline toward solid colors rather than lighter drapes. As we know, velvet is a thick and soft material that is completely opaque. It also gives a royal and vintage touch to your room through its dense texture. Opt for the solid velvet pulls if your room is themed light and you have large windows that bring in little more than normal light into the room.

  1. Multi-Colored Drops
We love these patterned multi-colored curtains.

Okay, one of our favorite picks is the multi-toned curtains. Perfect for our unicorn readers, multi-colored drops are exemplary in all manners. It adds structure to your place with multiple geometric designs available, is light in weight so they are easy to put on, and most importantly brightens up your room in all the right places. It’s almost like a painted-tinted glass effect on your room that you must put your hands on.