Skyeyndor was founded in Spain over six decades ago and has been bestowed with several awards globally. It is a brand which is dedicated to treatment range, specializing in products combating against ageing. They claim that the solution to sensitive skin is a Skeyndor product, which comes in various ranges and can be used both professionally and personally.  These products are the end result of rigorous and dedicated research and can be used by anyone above the age of 16.

Power Retinol

Intensive Repairing Professional Programme ( KIT)
Power Retinol is a range which is limited to professi0nal use only. It is a range of products which aim at uplifting skin which has faced the wrath of natural causes and sun exposure. There are various products available such as Pure Concentrated Retinol, Organic Calendula Oil, Amber Extract Mask etc.

Intensive Repairing Cream
Apart from the products meant for professional use are the products which are for home or personal use. Starting with the Intensive Repairing Cream which is your knight in shining armour and helps get rid of wrinkles and blemishes. It has a rejuvenating effect on your skin, leaving it feeling fresh and young. It’s most suitable for normal to dry skin.

               Intensive Repairing Emulsion
If you have a combination to oily skin then your messiah is the Intensive Repairing Emulsion. It is an anti-ageing serum which helps repair your skin and remove blemishes.  It also contains light-interference pigments which have an immediate perfecting effect.

        Intensive Repairing Serum-in-Cream

479f362e-3275-49d8-a8f5-12cf0def3e4aThis product contains light-interference pigments which have an immediate perfecting effect as well. It has a faster efficacy for damaged skin due to its rejuvenating action. Pamper your skin by investing in Skeyndor anti-ageing products!

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