Skin Care for the Festive season


The festive season is almost here and everyone tries their best to look perfect on every occasion. You might be looking for the best outfit and accessories for this festive season to look perfect. But is your skin ready for this festive season? Wedding Affair offers some tips for skin care.

Deep Cleansing

Avoiding dull, congested skin means keeping pores squeaky clean but without stripping the skin of its natural oils as harsh cleansers and masks are prone to do. This also means cleansing daily with a non-drying cleanser suitable for your skin type and always (always) removing makeup with an oil-based cleanser before bed. Up to twice a week, indulge in a clay mask or a deep-cleansing treatment.



A consistent routine which includes regular exfoliation and effective hydration will help give you a beautiful healthy natural glow. Make-up sits better and lasts longer on well-hydrated skin – you’ll also need less of it if your skin is healthy and in good condition. And for an immediate fix, follow up your exfoliation with a mask packed with performance natural actives. Such masks formulated to deeply cleanse the skin while working overtime to revitalise, energise and purify skin to leave a soft, smooth and radiant complexion.


A few days before the festivals start taking care of your skin. Proper nourishment and hydration result in better skin health. It will promote a natural glow on your face. You can start applying natural fruit face packs which you can prepare at home. Add cucumber juice or rose water to your skincare routine. These methods will provide nourishment to your skin.

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Drink Water

Increased daily water intake combined with good cleansing habits is the aim of the game for blemish-prone area during the festive season where late nights and overindulging become the norm! Water, water, water! Increasing your water intake or drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day will help rid the body of toxins, help to keep skin hydrated, supple and with more of a radiant glow!

It is important to keep blemish-prone areas clean. The build-up of excess oil (sebum) and skin cells need to be removed to keep skin looking healthy and radiant – water alone cannot remove oil and debris. Wearing make-up only increases the need for effective cleansing! Twice a day is ideal, but the general rule is always to cleanse at night, even if you’re not wearing make-up. Otherwise, all the grime from the day just stays there, clogging your pores, dulling the complexion and encouraging unwanted breakouts.

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