Skincare For That Perfect Bridal Glow


A wedding is your fairytale, your chance to be the focal point of all things attractive at your ceremonies. That is why one of the most important rituals for a wedding is following a regimen that gently exfoliates, clears, and nourishes your skin for that perfect bridal glow. There is no better sight than a bride who looks happy in her skin, naturally blushing with healthy, glowing skin.

If you are getting married anytime soon, and want to glow as your favourite celeb did at her wedding, we recommend you to keep the following tips in mind as you plan your skincare routine –

1. Plan Your Routine Well in Advance


Sometimes it takes time to figure-out which regimen suits you the best. Different kinds of skins require different doses of nourishment to hydrate and nurture their layers accordingly. Take time to understand your skin type – is it normal, oily, dry or a combination – and then choose your products accordingly. There are a number of ways, which can be found online, to check which type is your skin. The products take a little time to work too. Hence we recommend you to start your routine at least 3-4 months before the wedding and maintain it throughout for the results to show.

2. Target Specific Concerns

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Some specific concerns in your skin require specific attention. For Example, if you have tired, puffy eyes, you must start using under-eye gels and serums, and maybe use cucumber slices or under-eye masks every time you use face packs to get rid of puffiness. Similarly, pigmentation, dullness, uneven skin tone, and other concerns can be treated by feeding your skin with discrete nutrients that can be found in the problem-specific serums and gels.

3. Double-Cleansing


Dirt and blocked pores are the skin’s biggest enemies. Let your skin breathe. You need to clean your face with a mild face wash, immediately as you return home, clearing it from all the pollution and dust that might have sat on it. If you wear make-up regularly, then you must double-cleanse your face to get rid of the make-up completely. First, clean it with an oil-based cleanser so that layers of make-up get dissolved with the oil, and then use a mild face-wash to get rid of any remaining makeup on your face. Just hydrate your skin enough, later, to help it regain its lost moisture.

4. Professional Help


It is strongly recommended for the soon-to-be brides to visit an esthetician regularly, at least every 15 days to be precise, for a professional facial or clean-up. While all your regular skincare and home-made packs are helping your skin in building a natural glow, a licensed esthetician has access to products and equipment that can assist in deeper cleansing of the skin without disrupting the skin’s natural barrier function, which has balanced pH, oils & lipids that are essential to skin’s health, according to UpLift Spa in New York.

5. New–Age Treatments


Some of you might be adventurous enough to try out some new-age treatments that claim to rejuvenate your skin and render it free from fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. Treatments like – Dermaplaning, Nano Vampire treatments, medi-facials and many others – are gaining a lot of popularity with their usages in the popular culture. Again, we suggest you must keep a stock of time in advance, to deal with the reactions, if any.

6. Eat Well, Exercise, and Hydrate

Live Well Stay Well

These three basics can’t be stressed enough. Whatever you eat reflects upon your skin, so eat well. Drink water regularly, increase your fruits’ intake, and eat food items rich in fibre and iron. Maintain a light exercise/yoga routine to treat your skin with a flush of blood-flow, calm you inside, and help you get rid of stress and anxiety that tends to break-out your skin.

7. Be Prepared for Emergencies

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We recommend you to keep the phone numbers of the dermatologists handy, who can quickly help you get rid of those last-moment-shopping tans, break-outs just before your wedding ceremonies approach, or any other emergencies. Keep in stock the products that help you deal with that last moment zit or makeup and mehendi allergies. If possible, we strongly recommend testing everything in advance so that your skin has some time to naturally heal from the reactions.

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