Skincare rules to start following 6 months before marriage.


Like picking a wedding lehenga or the perfect decorations, you need to be more prepared about your skin as well .but it all depends on how much you can spend on products for your skin or on how long  you have duration wise to get your skin to where you want it to go. So the best options is to think it through and come up with a regime which you can follow before your wedding day. 

If your wedding is planned to be 6 months from now and you want to make sure you look your best, for your family, for your groom and especially for the pictures and the pressure to be flawless is enormous. Luckily we have got you covered. Read on to find out how you can start the right beauty routine 6 months prior to your wedding day to get that perfect bridal glow 

Your skin and body diet

 ( 6 months before ) 

You can’t have beautiful skin unless you decide to start talking care of it from within ‘We are what we eat’ is true to it’s word and you need to get honest with yourself about your eating habits.  Stop junk and oily food and reduce sugar. It’s always a best option to start on a nail,skin and hair supplement after seeing your doctor. For healthy glowing skin omega 3 fatty acid capsules are a great way to achieve that glowing bridal look.


(6 months before )

Be it ten minutes, twenty or a full blown work out. Take your baby steps and start a workout regime 6 months prior to your wedding. Not only will this give you a goal to try and lose the weight, it will alsi keep you engaged and stress free. Your   work out   could  also be a good distraction from the continuous wedding talk. Focus on yourself so you can look your very best. After all its your marriage and you are the belle of this ball. 

Get regular facials 

( start 3- 4 months before )

Facials provide the deep cleansing and hydration that preps your skin better for make up. This is an important step because if your skin is good so will your makeup stay on your skin during you wedding day. Starting early with facials can also help you in identifying the right salon professional for your skin type.  Firstly, make sure you do a patch test on your arm or near your neck before applying anything to your face. Now secondly,If there are any specific skin issues that you want them to address, speak to them before the facial to so that they can recommend the right products for you.

Double cleanse at night

( everyday for 6 months )

Double cleansing has become a vital part of skin care today. With growing traffic and pollution in the city your skin is bound to get dirty and you might end up getting a pimple or two. Which will eventually lead to scaring and pigmentation. You don’t want that then the best way is to go ahead and remove your make up with a good make up remover followed up with double cleaning to remove all the dirt and the gunk You can use an oil cleanser  or a balm cleanser to remove stubborn make up and wash of with a proper face wash.

Invest in good sheet and face masks

( 3-4 weeks before)

Not only are face packs and sheet masks great for your skin, but they also give you an opportunity to take out some time for yourself and unwind. You can use all natural face packs that contain Multani Mittin, orange peel power, sandalwood and neem. These natural remedies can help in enhancing the complexion, and improve your skin .