Skincare tips to keep in mind this Holi


We bet all of you are very excited to celebrate the festival of colours. Smearing each other’s faces with gulaal, throwing water balloons everywhere, eating the most delicious pakwans isn’t Holi just the best? Yes, we are living in a pandemic but you can still enjoy a good Holi party with all your closest friends and family, after taking all the precautionary measures, of course. In the process of celebrating Holi, we often neglect our hair and skin or end up applying only some sort of oil to ‘prevent’ the colours from sticking to our skin. Well, let’s not go down that road again because we’re telling you how you can take care of your skin, pre, and post-Holi.

Skincare Tips To Keep In Mind Before Going For A Holi Party

If you don’t want to regret not taking care of your skin pre-Holi, then follow these easy, pre-Holi skincare tips. After all, we don’t want to spend the next couple of days Googling how to remove colour from our skin, right?

Moisturise Well

The first and foremost step is to hydrate that skin, on repeat. Since you’ll be playing with colours (that may have synthetic elements in them), it’s ideal to protect your skin as much as possible. Think multiple layers of facial oils and moisturisers. Don’t you dare forget to apply SPF to protect your skin from the sun’s wrath.

Drink A Lot Of Water

Keeping your skin hydrated from the inside is equally important. Do not forget to drink at least 8 glasses of water as it’ll keep your skin healthy and supple.

Do Not Get Any Treatment Done

If you are headed for a Holi party, then do not get any beauty treatments done a few days prior to it. For eg, if you get a facial 2-3 days before playing Holi, you may get an allergic reaction as the skin is sensetive at that point. Chemical peels, laser treatments are a big no-no too.

Skincare Tips To Keep In Mind Before After Coming From A Holi Party

We get it, you had a lot of fun. But did your skin enjoy as much as you did? Here are some post-Holi skincare tips that’ll ensure your skin looks just as good as it did before.

Do Not Exfoliate

Once you’re done with playing Holi, it’s time to wash of the colours. Do not go crazy with an exfoliating scrub but instead, wash it using a gentle foaming cleanser. If you will layer your skin with multiple creams and oils, then removing colours shouldn’t be a hassle for you.

DIY Besan Paste

A DIY besan paste cum scrub is an excellent way to remove Holi colours from your skin without using any of the abrasive methods. Simply, add 3 tbsp besan to a bowl, a few drops of raw milk and 1 tbsp curd and mix everything well to form a thick paste. Apply this DIY mixture on your skin, wait for 30 seconds and start rubbing it in the opposite direction of your body hair growth. You’ll notice dirty rolls falling off your skin, removing the colour with it.

A Bath Is A Must

Once you’ve scrubbed your body, it’s time to take a bath. Use your fave body wash to throughout wash your body. If required, use a gentle body scrub to remove the tough colour stains.

Don’t Forget To Moisturise Again

Once you’ve cleaned your body, pat dry and then slather yourself with a moisturising body cream and you’re done.

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